Current Foundation Routine

My Foundation Routine

  • Cleanse, Tone, and Moisturize - Before I begin with foundation, I make sure I properly do these steps to ensure an even application on my skin. I find makeup sits so much nicer on clean, moisturized skin.
  • Prep the skln for foundation using a primer - In my previous posts I mentioned my top 3 favorite primers, I'll choose a primer depending on the type of look I'm going for that day. Most days I want to look dewy and glowing - so I'll choose my Loreal Magic Lumi primer. A primer is pretty much insurance for your foundation, it holds everything together and makes your foundation stay longer. 
  • Prep the Beauty Blender - Before I begin coating my face with my foundation, I run my Beauty Blender under hot water to make it expand. After doing so and squeezing out any excess water with a towel, I'm ready to rock and roll.
  • Distribute foundation - I distribute 1-2 pumps of my Bobbi Brown Long Wear foundation on the back of my hand. Then I pick up the product with the beauty blender and begin to dot it all over my face, gently bouncing it along my face, not dragging, to ensure flawless coverage. This tool really does all the work and gives you such a flawless finish, there really is no need for a foundation brush. After getting the desired coverage, I move on to the next step.
  • Apply concealer - Next i go in with my Mac Pro Long wear concealer and touch up any areas that need a little extra coverage. I try to always conceal under my eyes to brighten up any dullness or any discoloration. 


Products I Currently Use

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation with sp5 15: This is the only foundation that truly matches my very pale skin tone. I love the coverage this foundation has, it's medium - full and it truly feels light on the skin. This foundation is super hydrating, and never dries me out, it's chock full of skin loving ingredients - shea butter & vitamin A & C. 

Mac Pro Longwear Concealer in shade NC2O: This has been my go to concealer for years now. It's a lightweight fluid that really provides medium to full coverage. It's claimed to have a 15 hour wear, with a matte - but natural looking finish. I'm obsessed with this concealer because it's color true to my skin, and really conceals everything - even acne scars. One time I forgot my foundation at home, and only had this concealer... and needless to say, I actually applied it to my entire face. It wasn't cakey, or heavy in the slightest! I wont be doing that again for sure, but this concealer really is a godsend.