Perks of working at a Makeup Counter (and everything in between)

  • It's incredibly fun// I love going to work each day because it's truly fun to work around all types of makeup. I love swatching out all the new palettes and getting to see up and coming new beauty launches before it hits the sales floor. 


  • Amazing clientele// I love my diverse clientele! It's truly a rewarding experience to be able to help someone nail down a great skincare system that works for them - and to have them return seeking your advice/recommendations. This is what I truly miss about working in a salon - having that "family" like clientele that always returns. Working at Ulta I've made a lot of solid connections in the beauty industry and it's been nothing but a pleasure to interact with the clientele that we attract. 


  • I get to advise and use my extensive knowledge of skincare & makeup// This is something I hold very dear to me: my knowledge & experience. It's a beautiful thing to be able to help others help themselves, whether it be with their hair care or makeup routine. I love using my knowledge of the beauty industry to help educate and inform others. It's highly rewarding to be able to give back to others. 


  • I get to do what I LOVE, be a MUA// I can't stress it enough, I love the beauty industry! I love being able to work for Ulta as a Prestige Beauty Advisory (Makeup Artist) it allows me to do the work I truly love. As much as I'm missing doing bridal hair & makeup I love spending time with clients teaching them how to apply makeup correctly and getting to paint faces all day. 


  • Free education through representatives// Working at a makeup counter, I did not expect "free education" I knew at some stores, you had to pay for all of your training. Ulta is great with education, and I'm still stunned how much I'm receiving. At Ulta we have many reps that come into the store strictly to help teach/inform the Prestige team about their specific line all the while selling their products to customers. I've worked closely with our Urban Decay/Benefit/Philosophy/Stila/It Cosmetics reps so far, and it's been a blast. I love receiving free education through all of these brands. 


  • Free products from reps// A huge perk of working as a MUA, getting free products/samples! About a month ago we were treated to a full size new and upcoming product from Benefit Cosmetics and I'm wildly obsessed with it. It's Benefits "They're Real Tinted Lash Primer" launching December 26th it's the most amazing product and I'm so excited for it to launch. 


  • It's Rewarding// I think it's highly important to do the work you love and that in itself, will ultimately be the most rewarding. I get the biggest feeling of accomplishment when I have a client thank me for helping them, even if it's because I helped them find the right shade of lipstick...that makes someones confidence soar! For me, it's all about doing the work you love & helping others. 


  • You get to test out a wide range of Makeup// I love working at a makeup counter because you get to test out and get a feel for a big selection of both high end and low end makeup. I love Ulta because one section of the store is all "low-end" makeup and the other is the "Prestige" section. It's so fun to be able to suggest a gorgeous Lorac Pro palette one minute and then a Maybelline Mascara the next. It's pretty exciting to work with so many different brands.