My Biggest Struggle & Banish Acne Scars

Hello lovelies and welcome to an in depth & very personal post on one of my biggest struggles.... My Acne Scars, sounds wonderful, right? Not at all. I've always dealt with very temperamental acne prone skin... and to be honest, it sucks! I've always felt super insecure about my face due to my breakouts and finally, that's all beginning to change. Before I decided to step into this industry I was clueless! I used Neutrogena, and all drugstore products loaded with harsh chemicals and scary additives, and wondered why my skin was a hot mess. Working in the beauty industry has given me all the tools I need in order to better my skincare as well as help others with their skincare concerns. I'm extremely passionate about the industry I'm in because I get to help instill confidence and self love into others lives, all the while helping them with their skincare and is that not an amazing job?  So, back to what I was saying.... After a few years of finally jumping into an amazing skincare routine, my acne has officially cleared up, that in itself was a huge accomplishment for me. Even after my acne cleared I was left with horrible, ugly acne scarring that refused to budge, even after using expensive restorative serums each night. I've tried using Murad, Peter Thomas Roth, even retinol each night in hopes that it would fade my scars, sadly, it barely helped. Just about three months ago I was scrolling through my Instagram feed when I saw that one of my favorite beauty bloggers posted their Banish Acne Scars review onto their blog... I was instantly intrigued. I proceeded to look up all the reviews, ask everyone I knew about this unique product and finally, I went for it. I purchased the Banish Acne Scars kit just about two months ago, and the rest is history. 

What's Included:

Storage Bag - Holds everything you see pictured here.

Cleaning container - Use to clean your roller with (all you need is alcohol to clean this bad boy with!)

Banisher - Comes in size xs, s, m, l, and the pen stamp. 

Vitamin C, E & Ferulic Acid Serum - Used after use of Banisher kit to help the skin heal. 


What is the Banisher/derma roller?

In a nutshell, when you roll this guy 5-8 times in various directions onto the skin it creates tiny micro trauma in the skin. It's essentially the same thing as when you cut your skin, your skin send signals to repair itself, and repair fast. So what it does is induce collagen into the skin so it can repair itself. When it repairs itself it causes the skin to appear more even and smooth, helping to fade your acne scars. It truly is the most amazing little tool. After using the roller on your clean skin, it's essential to apply the vitamin c serum to help promote collagen production (helping your skin heal). I use this tool once a week on my days off when I don't need to wear an ounce of makeup. It's important to use the roller on fresh, just cleansed skin so you aren't spreading any germs or risk causing infection. What I do is typically use this roller on Sunday night right after work, then allow my skin to heal up to two days, free of any makeup or any other skincare products. I begin those two days by cleansing my skin with my everyday cleanser and gently patting on the vitamin c serum and I'm good to go! I love using this tool on my days off because it forces me to bare my true skin, which in turn has helped me tremendously with my confidence. The cool thing about this derma roller is that you can use this even if you don't have scarring, it also helps with stretch marks too. 

Lets be real here, I'm pretty blunt and very honest, so I promise to give you my full, honest opinion on these products. When I began using the Banisher I was worried it wouldn't help my scarring and didn't have a lot of faith in this product because I've tried everything under the sun to fade my scars. I've been using this tool once every week for a little over a month now and I can say with confidence it's working! My skin is so much more even and smoother now that I've been using this product. When I apply my makeup, there are not longer an textural issues, no upraised bumps, nothing that my makeup has a problem covering anymore. My skin has become so much smoother as a whole and even has a nice luminosity to it thanks to the Vitamin C serum. I've actually received numerous comments on my skin since starting this new routine. Everyone seems to think I have "perfect skin" which means a lot considering I've never had anyone compliment my skin. The other wonderful thing is, I've tossed my favorite concealer to the back of my vanity, I no longer need to cover any of my spots, my foundation easily covers everything now. I no longer feel embarrassed or self conscious when it comes to my skin because my scars have faded dramatically and I'm no longer breaking out like crazy. My confidence has improved drastically thanks to this miracle tool. I've learned to be more patient and gentle with myself as a whole because everyone has something their insecure about, for me, it's my scarring and I'm working to fade them through the help of Banish Acne Scars. I will definitely be posting "progress pictures" in the near future to show my results as a whole. It's crazy that it's been just a month and my skin has improved and evened out in texture so fast. I'm excited to see my progress at two months, or even six months down the road. 


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