Mini Sephora Haul

Hello beauty, this post will be on a mini Sephora haul I partook in this Wednesday. I will be explaining my purchases, as well as reviewing them in this blog post. Lets cut to the chase and get on with my compulsive purchases! I decided to go into Sephora this week with the intention of returning a serum.... Two hours later I finally left, only to go into Ulta for another half hour. I'm not joking when I say I love what I do & that I'm a total junkie-for beauty of course! Here's a list of everything I picked up:


NYX Butter Lip Balm // $3.99

NYX is a great company for a lot of reasons, a few of which being: they're 100% cruelty free, andextremely affordable! It's difficult for me not to go super overboard and binge on lipsticks, but today, I had some self control. I picked up NYX Butter Lip Balm in the shade Brownie, and it's just divine. Their lip balms are almost similar to a lip stain-without the commitment. It also feels just like a chapstick, but gives a subtle hint of color. Luckily for me, the shade I purchased is similar to my lip color, but a little brighter, livening up my entire pale face. This is definitely becoming me new favorite day to day lip color, because it's low maintenance. Overall, I would repurchase, even try a few new shades.

NYX Wonder Pencil // $4.99

As previously stated, NYX is a wonderful company, and so is their Wonder Pencil. This product is a concealer and brightener, all in one. This pencil is so versatile, you can use it almost anywhere. The main areas I use this pencil on is my lips, brow bone, waterline and occasionally concealing-if my Mac Pro Longwear isn't handy. This makes a wonderful base for applying a red lip even extending the wear of your lipstick. More often than not I will line my waterline to help create to illusion of appearing more awake.. Overall, a product worth picking up and well worth the price!

NYX Slim Eye Pencil // $3.00

 NYX Slim Eye Pencil is a creamy consistency that is long-wearing. I purchased this eyeliner in the shade Brown. This is my first time trying a NYX eyeliner and overall, I'm a fan of its performance and blend ability.

Dr Jart Black Label Detox Beauty Balm // $36.00

This is an absolute favorite of mine and a repurchase. Firstly, a BB cream is meant to: prime, protect, camouflage, hydrate, and treat the skin.  When I first bought this product, I knew I wanted a medium to full coverage BB cream, and that's exactly what it delivers. This BB cream is a botanically based formula, packed full of antioxidants that truly is a treat for the skin. I have a bit of acne scarring (hyperpigmentation) so I knew this would work wonders. This BB cream easily hides blemishes and dark spots, while Arbutin works to lighten any discoloration. Overall, this has become a huge part of my daily routine, I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for something to help brighten their skin, anyone with sensitivity, someone who wants to detoxify their skin, or just someone who wants to feel good about what they're putting on their skin (bonus: you don't need a primer underneath this!)

Dr Peter Thomas Roth AHA/BHA Acne Clearing Gel // $54.00

The name is self explanatory: it clears & minimizes acne, dark spots, and whiteheads. This serum has been an absolute savior to my skin. I tend to have hormonal acne, and am very prone to blackheads. This is a very powerful serum, formulated with salicylic acid, glycolic acid-(my absolute favorite ingredient in skincare items for its clearing and bleaching ability), ect. I have seen a complete 360 in my skin, my hyperpigmentation has faded, I rarely break out, and the congestion on my nose has cleared (with the help of my extractor) I highly recommend this serum to anyone who is currently struggling with acne, or just the occasional blemish because this works great as a spot treatment.

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel // Samples from Sephora (available for purchase)

I'm all about the peels, baby! I've done two of these peels so far in the last couple days, and I can honestly say my skin is brighter and much more radiant. This is an anti aging peel that works to reduce fine lines, pore size, dark spots, while creating a more even, brighter skin tone. Formulated with Glycolic and Mandelic acid, as well as willow bark, your skin is bound to glow. I'm a little obsessed with this peel because there is no fuss about washing it off, you just apply it, and leave it be. Overall, it may be too soon to write a full review on this product, but so far I'm very pleased with the results.

GLAM GLOW SUPERCLEANSE Daily Clearing Cleanser // (small samples from Sephora)

I knew I would instantly love this when I picked up a sample because I use the Glam Glow Power Cleanse daily. This Supercleanse is formulated with activated charcoal - perfect with anyone with troubled skin due to acne. The great thing about all of Glam Glows cleansers is that they're dual action, mud to foam. That being said, it's a two in one cleanser, one side of the cleanser is oil based (to help breakdown and wipe away all traces of makeup) and the other a mud, to deeply cleanse the skin. Overall, activated charcoal is one of the best ways to combat acne - in my professional opinion. It can be an irritant, but that's why you should use it once or twice a week, based. on your skin type. If you're someone who struggles with breakouts, try this bad boy out for a day or two.