20 Beauty Habits You Should Form

  1. With skincare, consistency is your friend.
  2. Remove every last trace of makeup before you snooze.
  3. Pull your hair back when sleeping to prevent spread of dirt and oils
  4. Wash your pillowcase often. 
  5. Get eight hours of sleep (You really do need your beauty sleep)
  6. Use an eye cream. (starting in your twenties doesn't hurt!)
  7. Wear sunscreen, don't make me preach.
  8. Drink a tall glass of water as soon as you wake.
  9. Drink green tea. 
  10. Exfoliate your lips often, starting with a toothbrush, then apply lip balm for soft lips.
  11. Massage facial oils into your skin.
  12. Mix a drop of face oil in with your daily moisturizer for full proof hydration.
  13. Splash frigid water on your face to de-puff, and give yourself a glow.
  14. Eat your way to glowing skin with berries, antioxidants and plenty of water.
  15. Take a few days off from heat styling to maintain strong tresses. 
  16. Never skip your moisturizer.
  17. Exfoliate 2-3 times a week for radiant skin.
  18. Always wash your face, morning and night - no excuses.
  19. At the end of your shower, give yourself a cool rinse, on your hair and body.
  20. Find a hair serum that suits your needs & make sure you apply it correctly!