Becoming a Cosmetologist


Cosmetologist: study and application of beauty treatment. Branches include: hair styling, skin care, cosmetics, and nails.

Why I became a Hairdresser/ Makeup Artist/ Skincare guru/Hair-apist

1. I truly love everything "beauty"  Even from a young age, all I wanted to do was buy nail polish, makeup I couldn't wear yet, and dowse myself in body scrubs and lotions. I had an obsession with beauty products, you name it, I had it. From a young age onto my early twenties, you could find my bookcase stuffed with Seventeen, Self, Allure, and all the beauty magazines. I was a big advocate for DIY beauty treatments, and I had a passion for makeup application. I've always been a little too obsessed with makeup, hair products, and skincare. Growing up I had five or more shampoo/conditioner sets at a time in the shower (I kid you not) I'm a firm believer in taking superior care of yourself, because if not you, who would? 


2. I'm passionate about the beauty industry  This statement goes hand in hand with my previous reason. I truly adore everything beauty, and am very passionate about this industry. I don't doubt it for a second that this is the industry I was destined to be in....regardless of where I am (salon, beauty counter, makeup artist, doing runway hair/makeup) This industry is always changing, and I am always learning new techniques (balayage, ombre, sombre) along with trying to perfect the craft of being a cosmetology. Growing up I had so much respect for the beauty industry, it's such a powerful industry! I've always had a passion for making others feel and look their best, now I have a career that allows me to does just that and I couldn't be happier.


3. I love enhancing natural beauties/making people feel their best    This is my #1 reason why I dove into the beauty industry. Growing up I was teased a lot, by family and others about my looks. I had long hair (past my butt!) and big glasses. I was taunted about the acne I had starting from age 12. I would go home everyday from school feeling worthless, I would cry myself to sleep because I felt so ugly. I had the worst self image, and literally no self esteem due to constant bullying. Times began to change in my mid teens when I discovered contacts, haircuts, proper skincare and makeup. I became obsessed with becoming a woman comfortable in her skin. The rest is pretty much history at this point. I think it's huge to empower other women, and help build confidence rather than constantly comparing and tearing each other down. I'm a huge advocate for self love and positive self/body image. I strongly believe in the statement "Be the Change" I wanted a career that would let me do exactly what I knew I needed to do, which was to help others feel beautiful, inside and out. I feel good going home each day because I know I connected with an individual and made some sort of impact on their life - and to me it's highly rewarding. To me being a Cosmetologist is more than just enhancing beauties, it runs so much deeper than that. I'm truly passionate about the field I am in and sometimes underestimate how powerful it truly is.