Beauty Favorites: OPI Nail Polish

Today I decided to let you in on a little secret....I'm a Cosmetologist - lets hope you already knew that. Apart of a Cosmetologist's job is knowing everything under the sun about nails, and being able to perform  all of the following: manicures, pedicures, acrylics, gels, shellac...ect. When I was in school I learned everything I needed to know in order to perfect the art of doing nails and... I hated every aspect of it. In order to pass my state boards to earn my license in Cosmetology you had to perform an Acrylic manicure, which was absolute torture (acrylics are when you take certain chemicals and actually create and build/shape a fake nail) I will say I loved doing gel nails, which weren't as challenging and as damaging as acrylics. Gel nails just look so polished and gorgeous when done correctly and unlike acrylics, they will never chip. All in all, performing nail services are my least favorite part of my job description. Sure a great manicure makes me feel more put together, but doing them is a whole different story. When I decide to step back into the salon world I will not be choosing a salon that offers nail services whatsoever. My favorite part of doing nails in a salon setting? Having any and every shade of OPI Nail Polish at your fingertips. OPI is top of the line, and the best polishes out on the market. OPI polishes typically run for about $9.50-10.50 each, luckily for me I get a very good discount at all the supply stores. Today I wanted to share with you my top 4 favorite & most worn OPI Nail Polishes. Enjoy!

Here are my favorites in order from left to right.

light purple.png

Wooden Shoe Like to Know? is one of my fall favorites, a shade that would pair perfectly with any outfit. This color is hard to describe, it's not exactly a light purple, but not dark either it sort of reminds me of plum. I love this shade because it's perfect for fall, and yet versatile enough for every day. This unique polish has just a hint of gold glitter in it, making it feel a little less bold and a little more girly. I absolutely love this polish. 

OPI Scores a Goal! is truly gorgeous and is very similar to Wooden Shoe Like to Know? without the glitter. I've never been a big fan of bright colors, or many purples but this one is exceptional. I love this color because it almost has a pinkish tone to it, but is more of a burgundy. If I'm feeling girly, I'm sure to be wearing this shade of purple on my nails. I usually wear this color on my toes in the summertime. I love the contrast of this color against my pale skin, dramatic yet girly. If you're looking for a perfect plum, this will be sure to be your new favorite. 

Bubble Bath is my most favorite polish ever, hands down! This polish looks almost white in my picture but it's actually a very light pink. This shade of pale pink is what every salon uses for a french manicure. I'm literally obsessed with this shade. It's just so classy and perfect for everyday wear. I believe I have about four bottles of this around my house, with one always in my car. If I'm driving to work and I see that my nails are bare, I just add one coat of Bubble Bath and I'm good to go. I feel so much more put together when I'm wearing this on my nails, it's just that perfect. 

Malaga Wine is my second favorite OPI polish, and my most favorite color of all time. For those close to me, you know I'm obsessed with the color maroon, or any shade of red. With my pale skin, burgundy and maroon just makes me look a feel sexy and so much more confident. I almost always have this shade on my toes, no matter the season. Put two coats of Malaga Wine on your fingertips, and it literally looks like a dark red wine. I love this shade, as you can clearly tell, it's the perfect red.