2016 Beauty & Health Aspirations

This morning when opening a  bag of Gevalia Kaffee (which is something I've never had before new year, new brews, right?) it occurred to me that I hadn't set any beauty or health related goals for the new year. I'm a big lover of anything beauty/fitness/health so I think it's time to shake up my routine. 2015 for me was all about mastering a great skincare routine and getting into a solid rhythm at the gym, and I'm super stoked with all that I had accomplished last year. Now it's 2016 and I'm ready for it to be a year of bold changes, and serious self care. I've compiled a list of well thought out "beauty/health aspirations" I hope I can inspire you to do the same, and be a bit daring this year. 

  • Stay consistent with skincare routine / Using the Banish Acne Scars roller.
  • Use SPF everyday, no excuses!
  • Try a new face mask!
  • Lay off the use of hot tools
  • Do deep conditioning treatments more frequently
  • Shampoo less often
  • Brush hair every night before bed (stimulates the scalp = hair growth!)
  • Grow my short asymmetrical bob longer
  • Throw out old makeup, give your vanity a deep clean & purge the unnecessary
  • Master new eyeliner techniques (be a little daring)
  • Pick up that Lorac palette you've been eyeing! 
  • Wash makeup brushes more frequently
  • Wash pillowcases once a week
  • Give your skin a breather & ditch makeup as often as possible!


  • Stay consistent/ hit the gym 4-5 days out of the week
  • Stop comparing yourself to others!
  • Push yourself harder at the gym
  • Buy workout clothes that make you feel more motivated
  • Buy cute new running shoes
  • Tone up abs, butt, legs, and pretty much everything!
  • Make squats your bitch, switch it up and try alternations.
  • Always carry around a water bottle
  • Drink MORE water!
  • Load up on leafy greens, more salads!
  • Always stock the fridge with fruits, veggies, and plenty of yogurt
  • Nix the junk food, remember, moderation!
  • Put your amazing smoothie blender to good use and try new combinations
  • Get in the kitchen more, and cook for Dustin, without any help!
  • Learn new healthy recipes
  • Prep lunches/breakfasts to prevent eating out & mindless binges
  • Look on Pinterest for healthy snack/meal ideas!
  • Make out a magazine subscription to Self/health magazine