Tips for Organizing Beauty Products/My Makeup Storage

Hello lovelies! Today I wanted to share with you my new setup for my vanity. When we first arrived in Dallas, I didn't have a desk. I tossed all my makeup in little drawers and pilled it in the bathroom...not very effective. For a beauty junkie like me, I need an entire desk, full of drawers, organizers, and plenty of space. I tend to reorganize my makeup storage often, so this set up, especially on the top wont last long. I'm still finding new ways to store my makeup, so it can change in a snap. Today I'm sharing with you how I organize my makeup, and easy ways you can too. (sorry for the lighting it was very gloomy and rainy when I took the pictures)


Get yourself a vanity/desk

Yep, I know my vanity is super cluttered right now, but lets not talk about that. When I began looking for a desk, I drove to IKEA (thank god Texas has so many) I wanted to "Alex" desk but it was just too expensive. I can't remember the name of this one, but I spent around $50-80 on it. It's important to find yourself a desk that suits and fits your needs. I tend to need a lot of area to do my makeup in the morning, so for me this was perfect. Make sure you have multiple drawers, a place to store cords (shown in picture) and ample room for your things. Also, you can use plastic trays, as shown above to store your most used products, which is exactly what you see here.


Store your brushes in cute jars

Make up brush storage is critical. You never want any floating around your house, in your kids hands, or being chewed on by your fur babies. I found these jars at Goodwill. I have about four, in which I store multiple things. These are actually candle jars, I had to take out the candles from the jars, which luckily were unused, and weren't sticking to the bottom. I love using jars for storing my makeup brushes, lip liners, mascaras, or beauty tools. Jars are a great way to personalize your storage, and you can find them just about anywhere. 


Use Drawers 

I cant stress it enough, any makeup junkie needs her own space to store all of her products. I found this desk to have two drawers, and then three separate sections for storage. Storing your makeup in drawers is the easiest way to cluster similar products in one spot. On the left you can see that drawer is full on palettes of all sorts-contour, blush, eye, ect. I find it's much easier to organize more effectively when I have ample drawers to lay everything out. 


Use Dividers 

Like I said, I'm definitely going to be reorganizing my storage again, right now it's a bit messy. I have a specific place for all things because of my handy dividers. Everything has a place, and dividers make my life so much easier. This divider did not come with the desk, I actually picked it up on a separate run to IKEA. This divider is actually a silverware set holder-pretty crafty right? It does the job, so I use it. For $3 who wouldn't use it to organize their makeup? Also, you can clearly see I went with a white theme here, probably not the smartest when it comes to makeup. Dividers are the quickest way to make your storage a whole lot neater. Thanks to the dividers, I keep my makeup organized by category: primers, lipstick, eyeliner, eye shadow, blush, bronzer/brows. I store my mascara to the right of my dividers, along with any free samples I picked up from Sephora. 

The rest of my makeup, hair products, as well as nail polishes are stored in a different part of my vanity. The only thing I'm still trying to figure out is how to make the top of my vanity less cluttered, and more appealing to the eye. How do you store your makeup? Do you have a good system? Share your thoughts below, I'd love to hear!