My New Favorite Drugstore Mascara

Hello lovelies! So, I have a secret. Even though my full time job is working at Sephora...I can't stand spending $20-30 for a mascara. You will never see me doing that, ever. The only thing I'll splurge on, are things that go directly onto my face - skincare, foundation, powder. The rest, is a toss up between high end, and drugstore. One thing I LOVE trying at the drugstore is mascaras. Just recently I was sent this mascara for product testing, totally free. When I first saw the packaging, I was hooked! I knew I would fall instantly in love with it. Read on below to hear my thoughts on this CoverGirl Mascara. 



The Mascara + Brush

Not going to lie, this mascara IS a DUPE for Benefit They're Real Mascara. Same brush, same everything. Right before this was sent to me for testing purposes, I just threw out my Benefit mascara, so this was perfect timing. Technically you should be tossing your mascara every 2-3 months, but I had held onto mine for quite some time...When I initially received this mascara, I was hesitant to open it. I already had 4+ mascaras open that Sephora had given me. One day I decided to purge my makeup collection and open this bad boy up. I was in love with the brush at first sight. I already have super long lashes, so having a small brush with fine teeth was a must for me. For me, I prefer a smaller brush with fine teeth because I can't stand clumps. I need something with lift, and separation. This brush also has a "lash finder" type of head that's spiky (exactly like Benefit They're Real!) that instantly grabs lashes in the inner and outer corners. I used two swipes of this mascara and I was amazed with the results. I loved this mascara MORE than Benefit's! I think its the long, fine teeth on the wand because it seriously separates your lashes and makes them look so full. Overall, I grade this product a 10/10 for sure. This is hands down the best drugstore mascara I've ever used. 

What is your favorite drugstore mascara? Leave a comment down below!