The Best Palette You Can Buy at Sephora Right Now

....And I'm not just saying that because I work at Sephora. I'm saying that because it's honest to god the truth. For my fellow beauty junkies, you know what I'm talking about. The Modern Renaissance palette...the most coveted palette on the market right now. Cheaper than your typical Naked palette, but way better quality. For $42 it's yours. All fourteen shades of intensely pigmented colors. Last week I finally got my hands on this bad boy, and to my surprise, it was WELL WORTH IT! I've always loved Anastasia's products, but this is absolutely exceptional. Read on to find out more about my thoughts on this palette


Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette 

Hello gorgeous palette! Sorry about the terrible lighting, when I first got it I knew I had to snap a pic right then and there before I began to play with it. How GORGEOUS are these shades? I've always been a burgundy kind of gal, so I knew I needed to snatch up this palette as soon as we got it in stock. For months I pushed this palette away, I knew I didn't really need another palette. But I mean, I work for Sephora, of course I need it! I'll break my review down for you in simple bullet points. 

  • The pigmentation is OUT OF THIS WORLD!
  • You have everything you need in this palette - neutrals, dark colors, and brights.
  • All of the colors work so well together.
  • You can use this palette in any season!
  • The colors blend so easily! so seamlessly!
  • The pinks are to DIE for!
  • The brush is very good quality. 
  • The packaging... super cute and velvety...need I say more?!
  • It's affordable. Like I said, not as expensive as a Naked palette.
  • The quality is pure perfection.
  • This is really the only palette you'll ever need, lets be honest.
  • It's Anastasia's first permanent palette, which means you seriously need this. 

Okay, do you really need more convincing or what? What I love about Sephora is that if you're questioning a foundation, powder, eye shadow palette, whatever it may be....You can always ask for a sample. Or a mini makeover with that certain palette. Try before you buy, always. That's why I typically avoid all this drugstore, because you truly never get to try things out. Lets be honest, every girl needs this palette. It's just so fun, and girly. 

What is your must have palette? Show or tell me your favorites!

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