Primers 101 & Which One Is Best For Your Skin

Hello lovelies! How is everyone doing lately? Since the start of the New Year, I'm on a little beauty kick. I'm ready to begin showcasing my huge collection of makeup, and telling you about a few of my favorites. Now that I finally caved and bought myself a Nikon, one that I had been drueling over for quiet some time, I can work on my blog photography game as well. Today I wanted to talk about primers, why their an essential part of your makeup routine, and why everyone needs to be using one. Read below to learn more about primers. 



Primers 101

What is a primer? 

A primer is a base for foundation, or or any type of face makeup.


What does it do?

It creates a barrier in between your makeup and skin, allowing your makeup to glide on smoothly, and evenly. Your makeup essentially hugs, or sticks to the primer, allowing your makeup to last longer, and stay put all day long.     


When do I put it on?

You will want to apply your primer a few minutes after you prepped your skin with moisturizer. 


How do I use one?

You will need to review your packaging of whichever primer you currently have and be sure to follow its specific instructions. Typically you will use a pea sized (or smaller) and work it into the skin with your fingertips. 


How do I know which one is right for me?

Firstly, you need to asses your needs. What type of skin do you have, dry, oily, or combination? Do you prefer certain textures? Start by learning what your skin type is, and then go from there. 


My Favorite Primers & Which One Is Best For You

Now that you finally understand a bit more about primers, and why you should use them, I bet you're now wondering... "What primer should I use?" You need to make sure you fully understand what your skin type is, and then make a selection. Today I am showing you a few of my personal favorites (shown above) and what primer would best suit each skin type. 

Oily/Large Pores

If you struggle with oil, you're not alone! Typically, when your skin is a bit more oily, you tend to also struggle with large pores. If you're issue is either of those two things, you would best be suited with a mattifiying primer. Something that would easily glide over your skin, and help control oiliness, and fill in any large pores for perfect makeup application. My suggestion? Try Benefits Porefessional or Dr. Brandt Pores No More. Each of these primers are just about the same, and suited for combination skin/oily skin types


Combination & Normal

If you have either combination, or normal skin types you would enjoy a thinner primer, something silky, and just provides you with a smooth, even base for your makeup. My suggestion? Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Oil Free - this primer is my HOLY GRAIL primer! It is suited for really all skin types, but works best for combination to normal. It's silky, feels like a dream on the skin, and holds your makeup on all day without breaking down. 



If you're struggling with dry skin, you need lots of hydration in your life. Be sure to give your skin a drink of water with a primer oil...I know, it sounds a little weird, but this stuff is absolutely incredible! Since moving to Texas, my skin has been super dry, and when I dug into my bag of freebies that I received from work, I discovered I had this primer. This revolutionary oil based primer is loaded with 15 essential oils, and is like a super food smoothie for your skin. If you're mainly dry, I highly suggest picking out a primer with good ingredients, and either oil based or something infused with coconut water 


What are your favorite primers? Share in a comment below, I'd love to hear!