Product Round Up - Current Bath Obsessions

Hello lovelies and happy hump day! Today I decided to share something a little personal, my current shower/bath time obsessions. It's mid winter here in Maine and any chance I can get, I'm either taking a hot shower or a nice bubble bath  - anything to unwind. I must admit I'm obsessed with shower gels and bath soaps, usually I have three or four kinds just chilling in my shower cady. Lately I'm all about more earthy, warming scents, something comforting and delicious. Here is a product round up off my favorite bath-time/shower essentials, enjoy! 


Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy body lotion

Dustin knows me so well, each year for Christmas he always splurges on nice lotions and candles for me, and I use them up very quickly. Each year he buys me an aromatherapy based lotion, last year it was eucalyptus, this year it's Jasmine and Vanilla, two of my favorite scents! I must admit, when I first smelled this lotion it was a bit overpowering, but I'm slowly getting used to the scent. I love these lotions because they're not too thick, not too light, but just enough for wintertime skin. I tend to use this lotion after I shower, and heavily concentrate it on my elbows, knees, and feet where I get most dry. I've always been a big lover of Bath and Body works Aromatherapy line, it's truly unique and very earthy. 


Philosophy Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath

I've never tried any of Philosophy's shower gels up until Christmas. I was fortunate enough to have Dustin's mother gift me this deliciously scented Gingerbread Man shower gel. Ever since the first time I used it, I've been hooked! It just seems to clean the body so well, and the scent truly lingers on the skin for quite some time. I'm obsessed with this one because it truly smells of ginger, an  earthy and warming scent. When I first smelled this scent I automatically thought of ginger ale, the ginger scent is so present. I also love how big this bottle is, it seems to last forever! Overall, I'd say I'm thoroughly obsessed, thanks Philosophy! 


Candles Galore!

Not gonna lie here, these are the candles I purchased as a gift for Dustin for Christmas. We're obsessed with candles and these were a perfect addition to our collection. Whenever I take a bubble bath, I surround our bathtub with candles. These have been my favorite since Christmas, and I'm constantly burning them whenever I'm home. I love the Oakmoss Sage - again with the earthy tones, they're just so relaxing and refreshing. I'm head over heels in love with the Peony Petals - a super light fruity floral scent, it's so hard to describe but it's nice. I've always been obsessed with burning candles when I'm either in the shower or bath, it's just one of those things. I feel like candles can make any place seem so much more comforting. 


Roots Soap - Lavender Oatmeal

Ever since a few years ago, I've been addicted to this brand of soaps. I've always purchased this brand at a tiny shop in the Old Port here in downtown Portland, Maine. Unfortunately, Soap and Co is officially closing business, which is heart breaking. They handmade the soaps in Portland, Oregon and sold them all over. I was sad to have purchased my last soap from this company, but really, it is just soap. I love the Lavender Oatmeal scent, it's highly gentle on my sensitive skin, and made with all natural ingredients which I'm thrilled about. I love this soap, Dustin and I sometimes share, which may seem weird, but It's also clearly guy approved. 


Shower Puff

Yep, this is definitely one of my shower essentials. I absolutely hate taking a shower without one of these little things. I just recently picked up this new one at Target for under $2 bucks! I try to purchase bright colored ones because sometimes you just need a pick me up. I love that these little guys can get in every nook and cranny and help to exfoliate the skin. I load my Philosophy Gingerbread shower gel on this and I'm good to go.