Tartelette Tease Eye Shadow Palette Review

Hello lovelies and happy hump day! Today I will be sharing my first impression and review on the new Tarte Tease palette. Last week after a long shift at work my general manager pulled me aside to tell me that she was very pleased with my exceptional performance at work as well as the Smashbox event. She handed me a small bag and told me I couldn't open it until I left the store. In that moment it felt like Christmas in January, and I couldn't wait to open that small orange bag. At the end of the day when I climbed into my car to head home I tore open the bag to find very expensive beauty products, I was super psyched! She had given me: Urban Decay Flexible Hold Tinted Brow Gel Brow Tamer, Dermalogica Precleanse Facial Cleanser, Lancome Super Enhancing Mascara Base, Lancome Haute Definition Mascara, Murad Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisturizer, and the Tartelette Tease Eyeshadow Palette. I was thrilled to have received not only $200 worth of free Smashbox Cosmetics, but products from my general manager. I've had my eyes on the Tartelette Tease palette for a little while now and was blown away to be gifted this gorgeous palette. Here in this very post I will be reviewing the newly launched Tarte Tartelette Tease eye shadow palette.... Enjoy!

This newly launched palette is a smaller,travel friendly version of the regular "Tarte Tartelette Eye shadow palette." You can purchase this palette at either Ulta or Sephora for about $21.00. This small palette contains six shadows, four matte and two with shimmer. Let me just start by saying: these shadows are HIGHLY pigmented! If you're looking for a palette with serious color, this will be your new best friend. I love this palette because you can create a variety of looks, simple, sultry, flirty, and smoky. These shades are perfect for Valentines day and Spring time. I love that this palette comes with a mirror, making it that much easier to do touch-ups in a pinch. I would highly suggest using a primer with any shadow you use, my favorite being Urban Decay Primer potion, which makes the shadow last all day, keeping the color vibrant and crease-less. If you're a beginner, you will love this palette because there's very few shadow options, nothing too overwhelming here. 

Shades include:

  • Whisper (a very light pink)
  • Crush (light brown/gold with shimmer)
  • Heartbreaker (medium brown)
  • Wink (a light purple/pink)
  • First Kiss (mauve with a little shimmer)
  • Bff (the perfect plum)

Tarte has always been one of my favorite brand of cosmetics, because: 1. They're cruelty free (no animal testing!) 2. They're eco-friendly. 3. All of their products are free of harsh chemicals, like: gluten, mineral oil and parabens 4. Their cosmetics are gentle yet very pigmented   (especially their eye shadows) Overall, I'm very pleased with this palette, it's so versatile and small enough to fit anywhere. I would suggest picking up this palette if you're looking for something on the more inexpensive side of things....because who wants to spend $50 on a palette? So if you're looking for a new eye shadow palette loaded with skin friendly ingredients, highly pigmented shadows in a variety of shades, this is it.

I hope you all found this product review helpful/informative. If you would like to see more reviews in the future, or have a product you're crazy about, comment below and share your favorites! I would love to hear about your favorite eye shadow palettes....Cheers!

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