a Gift from Benefit Cosmetics

Can I just say how impressed I am with Benefit Cosmetics?! I swear they've kicked it up a notch in the past couple of years. I must admit I'm a little obsessed with their packaging, it's so retro and funky. Some of my everyday makeup essentials are in fact from Benefit. I could NEVER live without Hoola Bronzer, it's the most universally flattering bronzer out on the market! A few weeks ago I was working one on one with our representative from Benefit when she told us she had a few Valentines Day gifts for us.... I was pumped, who doesn't love free products? Read on to find out what I received from Benefit Cosmetics! 



But really, how cute is this makeup bag.....




(From left to right)

  1. Stay Flawless 16 Hour Primer - This is hands down one of the best primers there is! I did a review on this primer a few months ago, which you can read about in this very section of my blog. This primer truly keeps your making looking fresh and dewy for 16 hours straight. I would highly recommend this primer to anyone, oily or even acne prone - this stuff is gold!
  2. They're Real Push-up Liner - This revolutionary gel eyeliner is pretty unique, and  I must say it's quickly becoming one of my favorites. What's truly unique about this liner is the lash-hugging tip, it makes drawing a straight or winged line easy as pie. I've always had a hard time with mastering a cute cat eye, but this liner was a game changer for me. If you want a gel eyeliner that takes the pain out of mastering a cat eye, this is your new best friend. 
  3. Roller Lash Mascara - I'm already a big fan of this product, due to it's brush! The brush is so unique, and very curved, making it so you don't need an eyelash curler before you slip on your mascara. This mascara is super curling and lifts your lashes like no other, it really helps with keeping straight lashes curved upwards. I have super long lashes and whenever I sport this mascara, I'm always complimented and get told I have "baby-doll" lashes. I would recommend this product to the people who want more lift and curl from their mascara, or any babe that has stick straight lashes.
  4. Lolli Balm Sheer Lip Tint - I haven't messed around too much with this sheer lip tint just yet. I'm not too big on lip color that's pink, but I'm going to give it a shot. What scares me most about this, at first glace it's PINK, and I mean bright pink... but it's sheer! So I definitely need to work up the courage and swipe this on soon. What I can tell you about this bad boy is sheer lip tints by benefit come in an array of colors, my favorite is the bene-tint. I feel like I'll be more apt to sport this color on my lips for spring, it just seems more appropriate. 
  5. Total Moisture moisturizing cream - It's winter here in New England, and I'm using a heavy duty moisturizer day and night! I love this thick cream because it really makes your skin feel moisturized, and healthy. I'm not really into straying away from my skincare regimen, but I have tried this on my hand, and the difference is incredible. If you're looking for a thick, yet non-greasy moisturizer, try this on for size.