Spring Fever - a Mini Makeover

Happy hump day beauties! It's only the second day of March and I'm feeling like this month has already started on a high note. Last week I wrote a post about "The Power of Making Bold Hair Changes" and I decided it was time to make a few changes myself. Being a hairdresser, I'm all for making ballsy, bold changes in a snap and last week, I decided it was time. I've been having an intense case of spring fever - deep cleaning our home, re-organizing my closet, purchasing bright lipstick, the list goes on an on... I've spent the whole month of February really focusing in on myself, my fitness goals, and working on making healthier changes within myself. This March I've decided to give myself a much needed makeover. I believe in the importance of switching up your look and in  the power of a great haircut/color.

 Coco Chanel said "A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life."


The Cut...

Let me begin by saying: I'm obsessed with bobs, from disconnected right down to the simple, a-line bobs they're just something about a bob. I've always enjoyed the cutting aspect of performing a haircut, and really, cutting a bob is such an art form. I sought out one of my loveliest friends from beauty school, Jenna who works at J Henry Salon in Portland, Maine to give me a banging cut, blowout and style and she was all for it. After giving me the nicest shampoo/wash/scalp massage and thorough consultation, she dove right in. She reshaped my asymmetrical bob, added funky layers, and made sure I was loving my new look - and I absolutely did! I loved catching up with an old friend from beauty school, while getting to see how far she had come. I was insanely impressed with how far she had come from school, and how much more confident she was as s stylist. As stated in my previous post, there's just something about getting a haircut, you feel renewed, beautiful, and just on top of your game. I would highly suggest if you want a creative cut, a kick ass shampoo/scalp massage and you're a New England, Maine native, check out one of my loveliest friends, Jenna, at J Henry Salon (she too is always rocking a creative cut!)


The Color....

I've always been a natural blondie, but over the years my color has faded to a mousy, dirty blonde. For about two years now, I've been rocking my natural hue, with blonde balayage to add dimension. You can completely see the difference in my before picture (pictured above) Alex, one of my friends from beauty school really did a number on my color. What I wanted was to bring up my balayage more towards the crown, and freshen up my look for spring. Alex had a few ideas of her own, and I fully trusted her to take the reins. She added in a "cool/warm" balayage to my already existing dark blonde. It was again, so lovely to have a great friend of mine doing my hair, it truly makes all the difference to love and trust the people taking care of your mane. When I finally peered into the mirror after an incredible shampoo/blowout, I felt like a new woman. I felt beautiful, I felt more me, if that was even possible. Alex gave me such an incredible blowout, I felt like a bombshell. I couldn't do anything but hug both Alex and Jenna. It's hard to describe what an amazing haircut and color can do for the soul, but I hope I conveyed to them how beautiful they made me feel.... and that's why I love this industry, it's an honor to make people feel and look incredible. Overall, I'm so happy with the end result from my fresh cut/color and I feel beautiful. 

To my New England based friends, or Maine natives, if you're looking for creative, passionate, and friendly stylists, I highly suggest you see my lovely friends Alexandra and Jenna at The House of J Henry Salon located in the old port of Portland, Maine. (They also specialize in balayage - so you're guaranteed to love your look!) If you're interested in checking out these babes, feel free to click on this link - J Henry Salon

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