a Birthday Gift from Sephora

Hello lovelies and happy Tuesday, it's almost hump day! I've had a week off myself, and I'm not ready just yet to head back to work...though I am super excited to be working for my favorite company! If you haven't read about this big move, be sure to check out "Making a Move" post in the lifestyle section of my blog. So as you all may know, I'm a headstrong, motivated Aries, meaning: my birthday is right around the corner! Last week I received one of my favorite type of emails: free birthday gifts. Because I'm a loyal customer at Sephora, each year I receive a free birthday gift, and they never fail to impress me. Last year it was two NARS lip crayons, and I'm still in love with them! Sephora never fails to give their beauty junkies what they so rightfully deserve each year, and for that I'm thankful. Today on the blog I'm sharing the early birthday gift I received just a few days ago....enjoy!


My early birthday gift from Sephora....

For those of you that don't know already... I'm OBSESSED with MARC JACOBS! I've never been a materialistic girl in the least bit, but Marc Jacobs all around puts out amazing perfumes, makeup, and handbags and I adore every single bit of it. Marc Jacobs always has quality makeup, and perfumes. I'm obsessed with the Remarkable foundation as well as his Daisy perfume, they're just that lovely. When I first received this gift from Sephora, I was more than pumped to try out more of his makeup. Marc Jacobs makeup is beautifully packaged and great quality. 


But seriously....how cute is this packaging? Modern yet polished and adored by many. I truly love all of his packaging, especially on all of his Daisy perfumes. Of course, the birthday gifts are minis, but who cares? it's a gift, and it's the thought that counts! I love the silver, metal coating on this eyeliner, as well as the metal dot on the lipstick. Those feminine touches are just too perfect. When I pried open the package, I had to take a moment to appreciate how lovely the packaging it is. How easily everything fit into my tiny hands. The smooth black tube. Can you tell I love Marc Jacobs yet? 



Highliner Gel Eye Crayon - 

Again, I'm in love with the packaging of this eyeliner. It's just so fancy and makes you want to put on eyeliner! I must say, my favorite eyeliners because of their intense color pigment and no budge wear is Urban Decay and I've never been able to find something that compares...until I found this! This eyeliner is a bit different to say the least. It's the first of it's kind it's a "gel pot eyeliner in a crayon" so it's super creamy, very pigmented and super easy to use. I love how you can truly manipulate the liner easily just like my Urban Decay favorites. What I didn't realize about this little guy was it's long wear...it's seriously waterproof! So if you're one of those gals that tight-line, try this bad boy out. I love the intense color pigment and how easily it glides on. I'm super pumped to be gifted something so rad.  

Le Marc Lip creme Lipstick in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - 

This color is something I can't quite narrow down, it's a peachy pink to say the least. It's gorgeous on my pale skin, BUT seems to be pretty universal to any skin tone. I love this lipstick because it's super creamy and hydrating. It sits comfortably on the lips and is VERY long wearing. It claims to be 10 hours of bold wear, and I believe it. When I first used it I didn't need to touch up the whole day. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is the perfect color for anyone, and it lays comfortable on the lips for hours on end. This will easily become one of my favorite every day go to lipsticks. Overall, I'm very satisfied with my birthday gifts from Sephora!