Beauty Favorites: GLAMGLOW

Hello beauties and happy Thursday, today I'm bringing to the blog my beauty favorites. Todays picks? GlamGlow facial cleansers, two things I use every day. I was using Purity by Philosophy over the winter but it just wasn't the best for my combination/acne prone skin type. I picked up Powercleanse about two years ago after trying a sample at my favorite store, Sephora, and fell head over heels for it. Just recently I added the supercleanse to my skincare arsenal and I wasn't disappointed, one bit. Today I'm sharing my full, honest review on these two power house facial cleansers, enjoy!


The Cleansers...

Just a few things before we jump into the ingredients.... 

POWERCLEANSE - (green bottle)

  • A dual cleanse (two pumps, with two different cleansers)
  • Mud to Oil foam
  • You can use the oil first, to break down all traces of makeup, and then go in with the mud to provide a deeper clean, or make a cocktail in your palm and use both at once.
  • Provides the deepest clean imaginable with dual technology
  • The prickly pear oil smells absolutely INCREDIBLE!
  • This cleanser is for all skin types and can be used daily.

SUPERCLEANSE - (white bottle)

  • A mud to foam, daily clearing cleanser
  • Bamboo Charcoal works to detoxify the skin and clear up skin imperfections
  • Changes color and transforms into a foam
  • Dissolves oil & makeup removes pore-clogging debris
  • Absorbs excess sebum & creates a matte, fresh healthy appearance
  • This cleanser is for all skin types and can be used daily


The Ingredients.....

POWERCLEANSE - (green bottle)

-TEAOXI® Velvet Leaf: Steeps in naturally nourishing fatty acids, minerals, and saponins.
-Prickly Pear Oil and Tangerine Oil: Deeply cleanse and nourish skin.
-Bio-mineral Green Clay and Pure Kaolin Clay: Cleanse and detoxify.
-Rice Bran Ceramides, Soy Phospholipids, and Oat Lipids: Offer three-dimensional repair for healthier-looking, stronger skin.   Source:

SUPERCLEANSE-  (white bottle)

-TEAOXI® Technology (Eucalyptus Leaf Powder): Delivers natural eucalyptol, natural linalool oil, and powerful flavonoids to soothe and treat skin. 
-K17 and Mediterranean Clays: Detoxify, refine skin texture, and balance problem-prone skin. 
-Bamboo Charcoal: Provides balanced replenishment to the skin with essential bamboo minerals. 
-Black Cumin Seed Extract: Provides antimicrobial and antioxidant properties to help provide a more clear complexion.        Source:


The Review....

POWERCLEANSE (green bottle)

This was one of the very first cleansers I fell in love with. It truly provides a deeper clean, and removes all traces of my makeup in a pinch. I love the dual technology, in the sense that I can customize my skincare experience. I have the most sensitive, acne-prone skin and this cleanser has never once had a reaction from it. It's super gentle and smells so lovely, a very fruity, natural scent. This cleanser has definitely helped in evening out my hyper-pigmentation as well as creating a brighter appearance overall. I will say, I'm obsessed with both cleansers in this package, the oil breaks down my makeup while the kaolin clay provides a much needed deeper detox. I have nothing bad to say about cleanser, whatsoever. I truly believe this cleanser IS for all skin types and can be used every single day. This cleanser is definitely the most unique and revolutionary I've ever used. Overall, I would highly recommend if you need a pore penetrating, deep cleaning cleanser, try this bad boy out.


SUPERCLEANSE - (white bottle)

Let me just start off by saying: Hands down my favorite cleanser I have EVER used. My go to gal at Sephora basically shoved this into my hands, and I trusted her judgement and purchased this cleanser on 2/12/16 with a gift card I received (thanks to Dustin's aunt!) I've been using this cleanser for about four weeks now and it has done a number on my skin. As you all know I have combination/acne-prone skin. This cleanser has seriously changed my skin! The bamboo charcoal removes all skin-clogging impurities and has kept my temperamental skin COMPLETELY CLEAR! I have not experienced ONE breakout since using this cleanser. My skin hasn't looked this good since before puberty, and that speaks volumes to a cleanser. My skin looks so much more radiant and glowing, I've received a number of compliments on my skin at work, no not my foundation, but my skin.... to me, that's incredible. Now as you all know, I do struggle with hyper pigmentation due to acne scars, and I use this cleanser in conjunction with my Banish Acne Scars derma roller. Overall, my skin is brighter, and so much clearer than before. Over this past year, my skin has changed dramatically, due to stepping up my fitness level, and drastic changes in diet, as well as stepping up my skincare. I haven't felt this confident in my bare skin in a very long time, and I have GLAMGLOW to thank for that. I would highly suggest my acne-prone/combination gals to pick up a sample at Sephora, this cleanser will blow your mind.