What's in My Beauty Arsenal?

What's in My Beauty Arsenal? Morphe Brushes!

Hello lovelies and happy Sunday! I swear my week long vacation just started, now, here we are at Sunday. As bummed as I am that it's Sunday, today I'm dishing on what's in my beauty arsenal....a product I could NEVER live without. For all my makeup lovers out there, the most important tools you can have is your makeup brushes. I must admit, I used to use EcoTools, and to be honest, they weren't the best... Up until I purchased a professional set of brushes for myself, and set to use on clients, I had no idea what I was missing. I could stress the importance of using good quality brushes all day, but I'm sure you know full well. Today I will be discussing the personal set of brushes I use on a day to day bases, feel free to chime in on your makeup brush favorites, I'd love to hear from you! 

Beauty Favorites, Morphe Brushes:

Pictured here is just a select few of my vegan set by Morphe. I do use quite the variety of brushes, ranging from mac, sephora, real techniques, and these are by far, my favorite. I first discovered Morphe about two years ago, I had purchased a few single shadows from them and loved the quality. When I first began doing wedding hair/makeup I knew I needed to purchase a set of professional, top of the line makeup brushes but didn't want to spend hundreds...until I notice Morphe had a sale going on back in early July. I purchased my first set over a year ago and was in awe of the quality. Morphe is as comparable to Sigma brushes, something I refused to splurge on due to the high cost (but Sigma is so very lovely - no shame in my game!) I must say, I am still obsessed with this brand of cosmetics & brushes. The brushes are super soft, and can blend out the harshest contour. I have washed my brushes probably over a hundred times since first purchasing and they haven't shed once - that's insane. Overall, I will never purchase another line of makeup brushes because the quality of these brushes are outstanding!

Why Morphe?

  1. Mostly affordable - I say mostly because to my fellow professionals, the price of a set is particularly low across the board. A great set of brushes can run you at least $100 if you want top notch quality. To my girls who are not super serious about makeup, they may freak at the cost, like I said, mostly affordable
  2. Professional brand - Morphe is a professional and very well respected brand in the beauty industry, so it's a brand you can fully trust. 
  3. Phenomenal quality - I'm speaking more towards the brush sets and eye shadows on this one. My brush set is just over a year old today and they haven't shed, or fallen apart in the least bit. Every time I used a Morphe brush on clients, they always complimented how soft and gentle they were, even when generously buffing a cream contour - it takes work and a heavy hand. Now, speaking towards their eyeshadows, the quality truly is  remarkable. Morphe shadows are SUPER pigmented, you really get a bang for your buck. 


Overall, if you're looking for top of the line, soft and superb makeup brushes, don't hesitate to check out Morphe. They also have a "sale" section on their website so you can always score something wonderful. What are your favorite makeup brushes? are there any certain brands you swear by? Drop a comment below and share your beauty faves. Take care!