The Inside Scoop on Oil Cleansing (and everything in between)

Hello lovelies and happy Friday! Today I wanted to share with you an inside secret in the world of makeup and skincare - oil cleansing sounds a little scary right? I promise it's not at all! Today I'll be sharing with you about this popular way of cleansing, why it's essential, and who it's best suited for, enjoy!

What is an oil based cleanser?

Let me start off by saying... oil is your friend! Sounds pretty strange right? You see it in every commercial that oil is the culprit behind breakouts, that oil is simply something you need to keep at bay in order to maintain clean hair and skin. Let me clear something up here, and restate what I first said: oil is our friend! It's a HUGE deal to our body, but so many people have misconstrued views of it. Think about it: when you wash your hair every single day and go one day without washing, your hair is a greasy hot mess...sound familiar right? What you are doing is stripping all the natural oils away, and in return your oils on your scalp are trying so hard to moisturize your skin. See, oil is not the enemy here. Now, back to oil cleansing...what an oil based facial cleanser is a wash typically made up of one or several different types of oil. Some oil based cleansers you can apply to dry skin, while others you must first wet the skin. 


Why do I need one?

If you're a big time makeup wearer, day in and day out listen up! An oil cleanser is typically something that you use at night, but can be used in the morning. I highly suggest if makeup is a big part of your life, you should try this cleansing method at least once to see the difference! An oil cleanser works best to help break down oil, like dissolves like, remember? So not only does it just break down oil, it's pretty kick ass at dissolving makeup, even waterproof mascara! Most  cleansers on the market can't compete with an oil based cleanser when it comes to removing makeup. An oil based cleanser is powerhouse when it comes to deep cleaning the skin, it removes makeup, impurities as well as excess oil. It may sound rather strange to use an oil to dissolve oil but it's rather simple. Skincare is not about scrubbing your face to death to achieve a deep clean, it's about balance - and an oil cleanser will do just that for your skin. 

What will my skin feel like?

As most would assume it would feel oily, and have a strange residue, that's just not the case. Your skin will feel incredible, and you will see a difference, especially in the texture. Just from the first use, your skin will feel baby soft, super clean and so smooth. If you're still not sold on the idea of going out and purchasing an oil based cleanser, head on over to Sephora and try a sample, I promise you'll see a big difference in your skin!

Who can use an oil cleanser?

Anyone and everyone! That's no joke. I imagine you could see why an oil based cleanser would benefit someone with dry skin, but what about oily skin? Oily and acne-prone skin can absolutely benefit from oil based cleansers. Typically, people with more oily skin tend to over cleanse and cause their skin to overcompensate for the lack of oil, which produces, you guessed it...more oil. So by oil cleansing at night to remove makeup/impurities on the skin, you're simply balancing the skin. Typically, oil will never cause any harsh irritation or an extreme reaction, so it's safe to use with all skin types. 

Personal Favorites:

-Boscia Tsubaki Cleansing Oil-Gel (current obsession)

-Boscia Makeup-Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil