First Impression: Kat Von D Lock It Foundation

Hello lovelies and happy weekend! Today I will be sharing with you my first impression on Kat Von D's Lock It Foundation. A little fun fact before we begin, this is actually Sephoras #2 top selling foundation, can you believe it? After testing this bad boy out I totally can. Let me just say this foundation is very, very full coverage. I have never wore something with so much coverage until now! When I was first introduced to this product a few years ago, I was hesitant to try it for a few reasons. About a week ago we had a special sale, on top of our amazing discount, so I decided, what the heck and purchased this. As you all may know I'm obsessed with my Too Faced Born this Way foundation, I just wanted to see what all the hype was about with this extraordinary foundation. If you'd like to hear more about my experience with this foundation and first impression, keep reading lovely!

What it is:

A very highly pigmented foundation that provides full coverage with a soft-matte finish. This foundation provides a 24-hour wear time, with transfer resistance - (it won't rub off on clothes whatsoever!) It comes in two forms, liquid as well as powders that works best with Kat's Lock It line of products. 


Point of Difference: 

This product provides EXCEPTIONAL coverage. It's formulated with 21% pigment, which means it's a whole lot of bang for your buck and you get all the coverage you will ever need in a foundation. The bottle is a little different from most, created with an airless chamber that provides you with a fresh pump of product each time while which helps prevent contamination...can I get a hell yeah? Kat Von D puts a lot of love into her products! This product is so different from most on the market, it provides the most full coverage, beautiful matte finish without sacrificing the integrity of your healthy, hydrated skin. 


What I Got:

When I first went to purchase this foundation, I saw that Kat Von D and Beauty Blender teamed up...which instantly made me more excited. I'm obsessed with the Beauty Blender and knew that this would be an amazing duo. The package came with just the Beauty blender (pictured above) and that you could customize your foundation and pop it into the package, sounds pretty rad right? I thought so! The Lock It Foundation came with the BLACK Beauty Blender, which was created specifically for a full coverage finish. This amazing set also included a sample of Kat's Lock It Primer, as well as a mini Beauty Blender Cleanser, what a deal right? This duo runs for about $46 and it's well worth it! I lucked out with our employee discount, on top of a sale price and scored this foundation for a very fair price. 


First Impression:

My very first impression was a matter of a fact: "Holy Shit" as the wonderful girls at the Fox Run Mall color matched me an applied it to half of my face that's all I could say. I was floored at the amount of coverage just a half a pump provided me with. Now, typically, I don't tend to lean towards FULL coverage, but I truly wanted to try this foundation out, so I could understand a little more about Kat's products. In my Sephora 9-day intense training I learned a lot about this foundation. What I truly loved about this product was that most people actually use this foundation for tattoo cover up. It's that pigmented, and that good. I will say, I'm more of a medium-to full coverage kind of gal and the girls at Sephora had warned me this foundation is something you have to be sure you want to use. I've worn this foundation about three times to work and I wanted to give my fair, honest opinions on this foundation. To be very honest, I knew that this foundation provided a soft matte finish, which I'm definitely a more "dewy, luminous" type of gal. So I knew, when I purchased this product it wasn't exactly what I would want in a foundation. But hey, we all date around when it comes to makeup, we're all looking for the perfect foundation, so I needed to check this out. When I first wore it, I almost thought it was too much coverage, even with the Beauty Blender. For me, after a few days of wearing this foundation, I knew it just wasn't for me... but it was seriously simply amazing. Firstly, again, it just wasn't what I was looking for in a foundation. Secondly, I did not need that much coverage. Thirdly, it was the best full coverage foundation I had ever used, but it just wasn't for me, and that's 100% okay!


My recommendation:

As you may be reading through this post, you can kind of get an idea of who this foundation is best suited for. Let me break this down for you just a bit, and explain who would best love this foundation.

  • Someone who loves a very full coverage, type of look.
  • Someone who needs more full coverage (great for acne-prone skin as well as oily!)
  • Someone who needs a foundation that will last all day long
  • Someone who likes a matte finish.
  • Someone interested in a powerful, super pigmented tattoo cover up. 


So there you have it, my first impression of Kat Von D's Lock It Foundation. I honestly have nothing but great things to say about our #2 top selling foundation at Sephora. It's truly very unique and provided an amazing, long-lasting full coverage look. If you have tried Kat's foundation, what were some of your takeaways? What were your best practices tips? I'd love to hear your impression on this foundation!