My #1 Favorite Drugstore Mascara

Hello lovelies! Today I'm sharing my #1 drugstore mascara pick of all time. Working at Sephora, I'm surrounded by hundreds of high end mascaras...and to be quite honest, I'm not a fan of many of them. I most definitely have my cult favorites, but when it comes to mascara, I'm okay with down-grading a little. I would much rather spend my money elsewhere when it comes to eye makeup. Why bother shelling out almost $30 bucks when you can hit up the drugstore? To be honest, I almost never have the time, or patience to bother with drugstore makeup, and I'll tell you why.... For one, it's a challenge to pick out the correct shade of foundation, blush, or bronzer when you can't swatch it. It's so much easier to use Color IQ at Sephora and get scientifically color matched. And secondly, I would much rather spend a little extra on higher quality ingredients. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying drugstore makeup is bad, it's just not something I encourage clients to spend their hard earned cash on. I will say, the one thing I will shell out $10 bucks on in a second, is a drugstore mascara. Most mascaras are created pretty equally, it's just finding what type of brush works best for you. Today I'm sharing my #1 top pick for drugstore mascara of all time, what are your favorites? I'd love to hear!

Introducing my #1 top pick of drugstore mascara of all time......

I'll cut right to the chase, because who wants to hear long, drawn out personal testimonies on mascaras? I sure don't! Here are ten reasons about why I love this mascara, what it claims, and how it performs.

  1. The formula is VERY BLACK! It's insanely dark, and gives your lashes a whole lot of drama. 

  2. It's super affordable at only $9.99 at your local drugstore, Ulta, or wherever L'Oreal products are sold. 

  3. It's patented no-clump brush is a GAME CHANGER! Let me tell you, I can't use many mascaras because I have super long lashes, and almost everything on the market will clump my lashes together, besides this! The brush reminds me of a small comb, which easily hits every lash, no matter how short, or long. 

  4. It easily lifts, lengthens and defines lashes in only one coat! I love that this brush really hits every lash and helps to separate each individual lash....who wouldn't love that?

  5. No smudging or flaking all over the place! This is always one of my top complaints about mascaras from all walks of life, regardless if it's from Sephora or Walgreens. This mascara has never smudged, or flaked off during long work days spent under very hot, studio-like lighting. 

  6. Suited for sensitive eyes as well as contact wearers! If you're a fellow contact wearer like me, you will appreciate this one. A lot of mascaras tend to irritate my sensitive eyes, but this mascara has not once bothered me. 

  7. Easily removable! it comes off easily with my everyday oil based makeup removing cleanser. 

  8. It's a game changer, with a huge cult following! This mascara has a huge following, all over Instagram, Pinterest, and is used by celebrity makeup artists everywhere. From it's very black formula, down to it's unique, slim comb like brush, it's something every girl should have in her beauty arsenal. 

  9. L'Oreal is my favorite drugstore brand! Alright, I know I said I wouldn't dive into my own personal testimonies, but I can't help it. I love L'Oreal professional hair care, as well as their drugstore brand makeup. Everything I have used from L'Oreal has been nothing short of incredible and I'll always continue to be a huge fan of their brand. 

  10. There is plenty of variety for everyone! This mascara comes in many different kinds, there is the L'Oreal Telescoping Shocking Extensions Mascara, as well as the regular L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara. All are equally as wonderful, but this just happens to my favorite of the three! 

What are your favorite mascaras? Drugstore or not, I'd love to hear your top picks!