Stepping Up My Game with the Clarisonic Mia 1

Hello lovelies! Today  I am sharing how I am stepping up my skincare game. One of my goals this month was to improve my skincare routine. I have very sensitive, acne-prone skin and I decided that enough was enough. For half of my teenage years I battled acne, and even at twenty three years old, I am still experiencing problem skin. I will say that my skin is much clearer now than at 13-19 years old and or that I'm grateful. Currently I have combination/acne-prone skin prone to blackheads, on top of that my skin is particularly sensitive. During my 9 day intense training at Sephora, we learned about all the high-tech tools we carried. One in particular, was the Clarisonic. After my training with Clarisonic, I knew in an instant that I needed to make the investment, and step up my skincare game. Today I'm sharing my experience with using this ridiculously cute, super effective skincare tool, enjoy! 

What it is:

A Clarisonic Mia 1 is a sonic cleansing tool, a hand held cleansing brush that effectively cleanses the skin. The Mia 1 has one universal speed, with a built in one minute timer to ensure proper usage. This tool cleans SIX TIMES MORE effective than hands alone. Using the Clarisonic helps to provide an exceptional, deep cleansing experience. The Clarisonic is actually the #1 cleansing system recommended by dermatologists, as well as skincare professionals. What makes this tool unique is it's oscillating 200-300 frequency movements per second - truly providing the deepest clean possible. This special little device smooths texture, and helps to improve the health of the pore at a time. I purchased the Mia 1 which came with the charger, the sensitive brush head as well as a facial cleanser - what a deal for only $99! This tool is gentle and safe enough for men and women of all skin types to use. Sephora online also has an extremely helpful buying guide for those of you who are unsure which model is best for you. 


How You Use It:

I personally like to use my oil based cleanser first, to remove the bulk of my makeup prior to using the Clarisonic. I would highly suggest removing your makeup first, so you don't stain the Clarisonic brush head. Make sure you're using a gentle, non-gritty cleanser with the clarisonic, to ensure the most gentle, non-irritating cleanse possible. The instructions says you can apply a generous amount of your cleanser directly on the brush head and begin cleansing. I prefer to wet my face prior, then gently apply my cleanser on all areas of my face, then begin with cleansing. The instructions are super simple, gently hold the brush to your face, moving it in small circular motions all over. They advise you spend twenty seconds on the forehead, as well as the chin and ten seconds on each cheek. I spend about ten seconds on my nose in addition before I rinse my face. You are safe and free to use it morning and night, or whenever you desire a deeper clean. I use it twice each day for the maximum benefit and have noticed a world of a difference. 


My Experience:

From the very first use of the Mia 1 I was in absolute SHOCK. I thought just using my hands to cleanse my skin and remove my makeup would effectively do the job....boy was I dead wrong. After the first use, my skin felt incredibly softer and smoother as a result. I instantly noticed my pores looked less visible, my skin just had an overall glow to it. I purchased my Mia April 28th, so it's been almost three weeks on this new skincare routine and so far, I am extremely pleased. My skin looks and feels so much healthier, and clearer as a result. I have also been experiencing fewer breakouts as well as redness, which for me, is quite a big deal. Since I could remember, I had always had a problem with blackheads, and tried everything imaginable to get rid of them. You name it, I tried it, and I practically accepted the fact that I would always struggle with blackheads. It's been three weeks on this new skincare routine and I am happy to say the pores on my nose are clean and clear! This Clarisonic has truly changed the game for me, and I'm feeling 100x more confident. Something clicked when I realized cleansing your face with your hands, is similar to using just an every day toothbrush. If you use an electric toothbrush, it cleanses a thousand times better, same goes for  using a high-tech facial tool. This tool truly does cleanse 6x more than using your hands alone. My skin looks and feels so much cleaner and clearer as a result. I'm happy to be achieving my goal of stepping up my skincare routine this month, I think the Clarisonic has been an incredible addition to my every day regimen. 


For those of you for looking for more information on the Clarisonic, swing by their website to see reviews, a buying guide, and helpful tips and tricks.