Cover FX Illuminating Setting Powder Review

Today I decided to do a review on one of my favorite makeup must-haves: a setting powder. I know, might sound a little boring right? WRONG! Setting powders & primers act like insurance for your makeup. For all of you makeup wearers out there, if you skip these products, this is usually why your makeup slides right off of your beautiful faces. Primers and setting powders are seriously your best bet when it comes to getting the most wear out of your makeup. Today I will be sharing my favorite makeup setting powder with you all, why it's kick-ass and who it's perfect for, enjoy!

What is it?

Cover Fx Illuminating Setting Powder in shade light. A completely sheer, translucent powder that helps to keep shine at bay, while providing a beautiful "lit from within" glow without any chunky, noticeable glitter. This product is free of harsh chemicals, including talc and mineral oil. This setting powder is also vegan and cruelty free.


What does it do?

This powder extends the life of your makeup/foundation while antioxidants soothe and help reduce redness in the skin. This powder provides a soft, luminous finish while helping to keep shine at bay. 


Why I love it:

The real question here is what don't I love about this product? I have always been one of those girls who forgo her setting powder due to the heaviness, and stark white appearance of setting powders. When I first saw this powder two years ago, I still wasn't convinced...until someone put it onto my face. I had always used a primer to ensure my makeup stayed in place, but never really understood why it broke up at the end of the day. That was, until I discovered this miracle product. What I'm obsessed over is the fact that this powder was geared for more dry, combination skin. I've always been a combination type of gal, oily in my T-zone, and dry everywhere else. I needed a product that felt slightly hydrating, but would still keep the shine at bay. I have been wearing this powder for about two years now and can honestly say it's still my favorite. I love the fact that this powder provides a soft "luminous" finish, it honestly leaves me with a beautiful, radiant glow without the look of glitter....which I'm crazy about. I love luminous finishes, vs matte ones, so this was the best bet for me. This powder also doesn't cling to my dry patches on my face, it almost gives a airbrushed appearance to the skin. Being twenty three, I have noticed I do have a few small fine lines in my skin, and I love that this powder doesn't accentuate my little lines. Whenever someone compliments my "glowing" skin, I always show them this powder, it really does make a huge impact. I love Cover FX because they're a cruelty free, vegan brand that really delivers high quality products. If you're a dry-combination gal, looking for a way to increase the longevity of your foundation, look no further than Cover FX