Blonde Hair Maintenance

It's no secret that I'm a blonde. Well, kind of. Naturally, I have dirty blonde hair, but I chose to add in more dimension through balayage. For those of you who haven't guessed it already, I'm also a Cosmetologist- hairdresser/makeup guru/therapist/lover of all things beauty. Today on the blog I'm giving you an inside scoop on how I maintain and keep my blonde hair healthy. 

Here's a few snaps of my blonde hair:


Although I'm a natural blonde, I still want more blonde...yeah, I guess you could say I'm a tad bit obsessed with color. Let me just fill you in on a little secret: blonde means bleach. And bleach is not your best friend. Even though bleaching your hair sounds scary, it's not that bad. Yes bleaching your hair causes damage, frizziness, and weakness there are ways to repair it! If you're anything like me, you want to take care of your hair as if it were as insured like Kim K's diamond ring. Today I'm sharing with you my favorite shampoo and conditioner to keep my blonde strands healthy & happy. 


How I Keep my Blonde Hair Vibrant


AG Sterling Silver Colour Care Toning Shampoo

A ton of my blonde maintenance takes place in the shower-which is super easy! I first start of with a salon brand I trust-AG Colour Care. It keeps my colored hair super radiant, and healthy through this two process system. What's most important about this system is that it has protection against damaging UVA/UVB rays which can ultimately fade color. This shampoo is violet based that helps to tone the hair and cancel out yellowness or brassy color. I also am addicted to the smell of this shampoo, which I can't seem to pinpoint, but who cares, it smells amazing. When I use this shampoo, I let it sit in my hair for about 5-10 minute to let it truly do its job. Then I rinse thoroughly and follow it with my favorite AG conditioner. 


AG Sterling Silver Colour Care Toning Conditioner

Again, same brand because I'm big on consistency when it comes to brands with hair care. This conditioner is also bright purple, that works to tone the hair as it repairs. Conditioning your hair is essential to it's overall health. Conditoning is ESPECIALLY crucial to all you blonde babes out there. It works to soften the hair, hydrate and repair the damage that was done to your blonde strands. What I love about this AG toning conditioner is that it seals in the moisture, and protects my hair from any unwanted yellow tones. I typically let the conditioner sit in my hair for two to three minutes followed by a cool rinse. It's so crucial to let your conditioner sit on the hair for a few minutes to allow it to penetrate and fully do its job. Even if it means spending a little extra time in the shower, your hair will thank you. 


Great hair care is essential, especially for all you blondes out there. If you're shelling out good money to upkeep your blonde ambition, you need to insure it. What exactly do I mean by "insure it?" I mean protect it, and keep it looking bright and healthy. By using a purple based shampoo and conditioner every time you step into your shower you're doing exactly that. For all color treated hair, it's so important to be using the right products to be keeping your hair vibrant and healthy. 

For all my blonde babes, what are you using to keep your hair healthy and pro-long your color?