The Only Highlight/Blush Palette You'll Ever Need

Hello lovelies! Today I found myself looking through my makeup collection. I glanced at things I barely have used, and somethings that were closest to my mirror, things I use just about every day. That is exactly what inspired this post today! This post is LONG overdo! This morning when I was going through my makeup collection, I remembered I had never done a review on this highly popular highlighter/blush palette. So, what better time than now? Here it is! 


Becca/Jaclyn Hill Champagne Face Collection

Note: This palette is limited edition

Yep, you guessed it, this is the only palette I swear you'll ever need to achieve a beautiful glow. This limited edition face palette comes with five amazing colors. Three of which are blushes, and two are almost full sized highlighters. I will full heartedly admit that I'm obsessed with every single blush and highlighter shade in this palette. I couldn't contain my excitement when I found out that my favorite Youtube/beauty guru Jaclyn Hill was partnering with Becca Cosmetics. For those of you who know nothing about Jaclyn Hill, I highly recommend watching her Youtube channel, she's just so real, and so relatable. 

Here are the colors, sorry about the poor lighting!

I love that all of the colors are SUPER pigmented, and very creamy. All of the colors are super blend-able which I love. I originally didn't plan on purchasing this palette, but when I searched the swatches on Instagram, I knew I had to have it. Let me just say: Thank God For Sephora Discounts1 If I didn't work at Sephora, I probably wouldn't have been able to justify purchasing this palette. At first, I was super worried none of the blush shades would look good with my super pale skin, but boy I was wrong! I only reach for this palette now! I'm in love with the "Amaretto" shade as well as "Rose Spritz." The blush colors I swear are universally flattering. I'll be honest, I've only worn the "Pamplemousse" shade once, but that's okay! It's a brighter shade that I'm not used to, but not opposed to either, so that's a win win.

Also, who doesn't want a bronzed, glowy type of look in the summer? That's one reason every beauty junkie needs this palette! 

What I'm super happy about is the fact that you can use different blush shades in combination, and they still look gorgeous when applied to the skin. I honestly find myself mixing Prosecco pop with Champagne pop, can you say you glow girl? With one flick of a brush from these two highlighters, you're sure to turn heads. These highlighters are SO PIGMENTED that I'm betting it will take a few years to fully hit pan. Also, who doesn't love highlighters? I'm the type of gal that always needs to have some type of glow on her cheekbones. This is one palette that I'm always reaching for, on an every day basis, whatever the occasion. This palette was such a good investment and addition to my makeup collection. The packaging is super girly, and I'm obsessed with the white and gold, it's such a head turner. This is the perfect palette for the girls looking to step up their makeup game. It's perfect for really anyone, of any age and any skill level! I can honestly say I'm obsessed with this glow palette and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to achieve a beautiful glow this summer. 


What are some of your favorite blushes and highlighters? Have you tried out this palette? What are your thoughts?  I'd love to hear!