My 3 Must Have Mascaras Right Now

Hello lovelies! How was your weekend? I swear, the weather in Dallas lately has been all over the place! One day it was sunny and 76 and then the other, super cold at 23 degrees, how bizarre is that? Today I'm staying inside, and getting super cozy with my new Cosmo magazine. Am I the only girl that's obsessed with reading magazines? Today while flipping through the latest issue of Cosmo, their were a ton of ads for new mascaras, which instantly triggered a blog post idea! So, here you have it...My 3 Favorite Mascaras Right Now! Read below to find out my must have, top 3 favorites right now!




CoverGirl So Lashy Mascara

If you guys/gals had read my post on this mascara, you MUST! This right here is a game-changer! I haven't used a drugstore mascara in quite some time, so I actually didn't have high hopes for this one....but boy, was I wrong! This little $7 mascara has become my absolute favorite of them all! Working at Sephora, I get to test out hundreds of products, whenever, wherever. I've used $20-$30 mascaras and none of them compare to this guy. This little brush separates, thickens, and volumizes your lashes like no other. What I truly love is that my lashes always look like falsies, almost everyone always assumes I wear false lashes on a daily basis. If you want to hear more about this So Lashy mascara, read my previous post!


Make Up For Ever Excessive Lash Mascara

This mascara is incredible! I received this as gratis from Sephora a few months ago and finally started using it! This little wand works wonders to give your boldest, blackest, sexiest lashes of your life! The only tip I would give when using this mascara is to wiggle the wand at the base of your lashes, to ensure it doesn't clump up immediately. Since this wand has thicker bristles, it's crucial to get the base of your lashes first. What I love about this mascara is how black it is, it's definitely intense! If you're looking for a dark, smoky type of look, this mascara should be your new go-to.


Benefit They're Real Tinted Primer/Mascara 

I own both of these mascaras, They're Real Mascara as well as the They're Real Tinted Primer(shown above.) This has always been my #1 favorite mascara, for years now. If you were to come into Sephora and ask me what I use, I would immediately point to this tube. The wand is thin, with a spiky headed tip to ensure proper separation. Your lashes will NEVER CLUMP when using this wand! I personally have long, thick lashes, so for me, separation is my top priority. I feel as if this mascara truly works on any type of lash, or lash concern you may have. When you curl your lashes and use this mascara, it's like a dream. It truly gives you the most lift, and fullness. This mascara comes in two colors- black and brown. The brown (shown above) is a tinted primer - something that tints your lashes darker over time, and primers your lashes for mascara. You can wear this tinted primer with or without mascara. On my days off I use this tinted primer because it's brown, a bit more natural, and is chock full of pro v vitamins that nurture and support lash health. 


What are some of your favorite mascaras? Do you swear by a certain brand? Show and tell me your favorites, I'd love to hear!