3 Skincare Brands Worth The Splurge

Being a girl obsessed with all things beauty, you try A LOT of products, to find what works of course. In my course to find the best brands that work well with my skin, I've discovered three brands that never fail me. That's not to say that these four skincare brands are a perfect match for everyone - because everyone's skin has different needs. For me, I have sensitive, acne-prone skin, so I need gentle, yet highly effective skincare that meets my special needs. Over the years of working in the beauty industry, I've tested countless brands, and bought a ton of cleansers, treatments, and moisturizers. Some were obviously a huge disappointment, while others, became instant favorites. Today I'm sharing with you my top 3 brands worth obsessing over, brands that never seem to disappoint me.

3 Skincare Brands Worth Obsessing Over


Josie Maran

This brand I've been obsessed over when I saw Josie Maran on QVC, I guess you could say I instantly had a girl crush on her. Josie Maran is a former super model, who is absolutely gorgeous. She has long brown hair, a love affair with all things natural, and a total hippie. She's just the kind of girl I would trust with creating an all natural, effective skincare line. The entirety of her skincare line is certified organic and made with Argan oil, a highly effective, nourishing moisturizing oil. If you've been reading my blog for awhile you've probably seen me mention her Argan cleansing oil is my absolute favorite cleansing oil to take off my makeup with. Her skincare line smells delicious, and is gentle enough for those of us while sensitive skin.



Real talk: I take more of a natural approach when it comes to skincare. I have suuuuper sensitive skin, so it's important I stick to more essential oils, and use as many "natural" products as possible. Throughout the years of constantly hitting the mall, I would always stop into Origins, honestly because of the décor, and the packaging. It's just so calming and it calls to me because it's very earthy looking. Origins is an awesome brand if you want to dive into high-end skincare. It's usually pretty affordable, and everything always smells incredible. I'm obsessed with their cleanser: Checks and Balances - it's all about balancing out dry and oily patches on the skin. One thing I will always repurchase from them is their Ginzing Eye Cream, it's loaded with caffeine so it helps to de-puff, and cover up dark circles.


Sunday Riley

My favorite skincare brand I've ever used, is EASILY Sunday Riley! I'm a total junkie with her products. I am now currently using UFO, Martian, Luna, Good Genes, and Tidal - almost all of her skincare products out on the market! When I was first trained on Sunday Riley products, I knew I had to try them out. I have been using UFO since this December, and I can honestly say, it's completely transformed my temperamental skin. I have always suffered with acne, so when I finally saw results from this product, I knew I had found my every-day go to product. Sunday Rileys products are innovative, an on the cutting edge of technology. She actually sits at her desk at home and formulates her own products-how cool is that? Sunday Riley herself wants to make the best of the best products, and that's exactly what she delivers. I seriously encourage you all to try her products!


What are some of your favorite skincare brands?