Beauty Upgrades I'm Making in 2017

When 2017 hit, I new I needed to make some changes in the beauty aspect of my life. Some habits needed to be broken, and I really needed to start wearing SPF every day. I'll admit, I've been pretty stuck in my ways for years, especially when it came to my beauty habits. This year I wanted to step it up a little, and achieve healthy, glowing skin, longer (and stronger) hair, and overall, healthy hydrated skin. Today I'm sharing ways I'm upgrading my beauty routine this year.





Again, since moving to Texas, my lips have been CRAZY chapped. I have NEVER experienced chapped lips before in my entire life! My fiancé has always dealt with chapped lips, and that's one thing I can not stand is kissing flakey, dry lips. My lips have always been smooth, and super hydrated. Just recently, the inner corners of my lips have been super cracked - which makes it hard to eat, and drink, without causing pain. This year I'm upgrading my lip care, splurging on some of the best lip treatments out there, to bring back smooth, hydrated lips.



This year, I'm all about growing my hair long, and strong. Since moving to Texas, the heat has been really drying out my hair, as well as my skin. Living in Maine, the cold never really bothered my hair, but the heat is a totally different story. My hair feels frizzy, unruly, and very dry as a whole. As soon as we moved in September, I purchased Hair Skin and Nails, a supplement that promotes hair growth, promotes strong nails, and healthy skin. My hair has definitely felt stronger, and it's growing, super fast! I couldn't be happier! I haven't had long hair in years, and I'm doing all I can to keep it long and healthy this year.



Okay, I'm not going to lie, I'm the type of girl who NEVER slathers body butter on. Again...since moving to Texas, I'm forced to do more to keep my skin and overall body in better shape. I've never been the type to just go out and spend $10 on a body cream, razors, shaving cream ECT...until now! I swear to god, since moving EVERYTHING is changing, and I'm forced to do more to keep myself looking good. I usually skimp on razors, and shaving cream and yesterday, I went out and spent $20 on body butter, good shaving cream, and razors that really get the job done. My overall skin texture on my legs feels so much smoother, and the rest of my body isn't feeling dry, and parched anymore. This year, I'm making it a priority not to skimp on personal body products to keep myself looking and feeling good.



This year was a total game changer for my skincare routine. I feel like I keep mentioning this...but Texas has completely changed my beauty/haircare/fitness routine. Maybe it's the hotter, dryer climate, or maybe it's my year to just amp things up a little bit. For those of you who read my blog often know for the last five or so years I've been working throughout the beauty industry, and I'm constantly trying new skincare products. This year...I did something a little crazy. I have a strange confession to make.....I haven't used my Clarisonic since December.... and my skin looks 100% better, I kid you not. Maybe it's because I'm drinking more water, or finally found my perfect skincare routine (thanks to Sunday Riley) but my skin is just so much clearer as a whole. This year, I knew it was time to get serious about using eye creams, and kicking up my skincare routine. This year, my goal is to get my skin is the best shape, to forgo wearing as much foundation as possible. Even though I'm a total beauty junkie, I'd rather be as natural as possible. This year is all about taking the best care of my skin, and achieving my healthiest skin imaginable.


Are you upgrading your beauty routines this year? What are your tips for achieving longer, stronger hair? I'd love to hear!