Makeup Setting Sprays For Every Skin Type

Hello lovelies! Today I'm breaking out my stash of makeup setting sprays! Over the years I've tried everything - drugstore through high end sprays, and honestly, ingredients matter. Whether you have dry, oily, combination, or normal skin: there is a setting spray for you! Today I will be sharing my top four favorite setting sprays - for a variety of skincare concerns. If you want your makeup to last all day, keep reading!

Makeup Setting Sprays For Every Skin Concern


For Oil Control.....

Boscia White Charcoal Makeup Setting Spray

Firstly, Bosica is such a good brand! Their skincare is absolutely phenomenal, and reasonably priced. If you have oily or combination skin, this makeup setting spray is made for you! This product features white charcoal, which helps to minimize oil, as well as other pore clogging debris, and helps keep you looking matte throughout the day. I love using this makeup setting spray before my makeup, as well as after to reap the full benefits of this powerful skincare and makeup spray. 


For glowing skin.....

Caudalie Beauty Elixir

This makeup setting spray / beauty elixir is so versatile. Let me first mention the smell: an initially strong smell of essential oils. Some may find it strong, but it is all natural. To me, it's super relaxing and quite calming. If you're looking for a hydrating and more natural makeup setting spray, I highly suggest you look into Caudalie. What I love about this beauty elixir is that it's a powerful skincare/makeup tool. You can use this to dampen your beauty blender, to revive the look of tired skin, to hydrate, and as a refresher throughout the day. I love using this mist before my makeup, while my moisturizer is still damp, to help prep my skin for makeup. I love putting this bottle into my fridge so when I wake up as I drink my coffee, I can mist my face and wake up my skin as well as my senses. 

For melt proof makeup....

Urban Decay All Nighter

Whatever skin type or battle your facing with your makeup, this is the solution. This little bad boy can be used before your makeup, as well as after to keep your makeup looking as good as it did when you initially put it on. Whenever I'm doing bridal makeup, this is the #1 product I always use, no matter what skin type/age/budget, this stuff really is liquid gold. Urban Decay has an array of makeup setting sprays, but this is the general, all in one package deal. My only complaint about this setting spray is that the smell is a little strong, but again, everyone is different. If you're looking for something that will keep your makeup on, all night, this is it.


For hydrated skin....

Smashbox Primer Water

You simply can not go wrong with Smashbox Primer Water. I love this stuff so much because it truly does work to set my makeup in place, as well as correct any cakeyness. This primer is literally for all skin types, even more sensitive. I love this priming spray because I can pop it into the fridge, and it feels so good when I mist it onto my tired skin. It's like a cup of coffee for your face - no joke. I love that this product is infused with electrolytes, so it really helps to wake up the skin, and get it glowing. If you're looking for a basic setting spray, be sure to try this out.