Beauty Fixes That Will Make You Feel Gorg In a Flash

Sometimes, we all need a pick me up....lets be real here: pretty much everyday we all need one. How often do you feel like you don't feel your best, or you just don't feel like you look your best? All to often, it happens to the best of us, and even on a weekly basis. Sometimes we all need a quick fix to jazz up our look, to up our confidence and promote self love. Today I'm sharing a few Beauty Fixes That Will Make You Feel Gorg In A Flash!

Beauty Fixes That Will Make You Feel Gorg In A Flash

Spray Perfume something that uplifts you.

Line your top lid, add some mascara, and BOOM.

Swipe on a bold shade of lipstick. a little color therapy never hurt anybody

Press highlighter into your inner corners for a brightening affect.

If you're feeling down, throw on some blush, any dose of color will help.

Mist a refreshing skin spray onto your skin to get glowing.

Massage your favorite scented lotion into your skin.

Slather on a face mask and close your eyes for a bit, try to relax.

Apply a hair mask and let it sit for as long as possible, while painting your nails.

Extend your blowout and add a salt spray for gorgeous, beachy texture.

Give yourself an at home facial.

Try a new hairstyle for the day.

Go bold and chop your locks, to whatever length you've always wanted to go but are scared to.

Contour your face a little, and use bronzer for an instant sunny glow.

Fill in your brows and throw on concealer to look wide awake.


What are your favorite beauty fixes that make you feel beautiful?