Things You Should Do Before The End of 2017


This morning when I opened my planner to the last month of this year, I smiled to myself. Why? Because this year was full of action, growth, and beautiful memories. 2017 was the year we traveled all over Texas, ate so many taco's, changed careers, and planned a wedding (in less than four days) and got married in Colorado. 2017 was a year full of growth, and I am in disbelief it's coming to a close, in just a little bit over a week. Today when I opened my blog, I didn't want to write about new years resolutions, or how to get through a lame holiday party, I wanted to give you all my best advice on how to tie up loose ends before the new year begins. Today I am sharing with you all Things You Should Do Before The End of 2017! What are you doing in your last week of 2017? 

Things You Should Do Before The End of 2017



This is so so important before you begin even thinking about the new year up ahead. Plan out some quiet time for yourself, go through old photos, reminisce with your bff, recollect all the things you did in 2017, all of your accomplishments, failures...all of it. Reflecting on your accomplishments, no matter how small is what gives life more fulfillment. It's so important to reflect, and make peace with it, before turning over a new leaf and beginning a new year.



Download photos off of your phone + Make prints!

When November hit, I knew it was time to clear YEARS worth of photos from my phone. It felt like a never ending task but it made me truly sit and sort through each photo, and being able to reflect back on that exact moment...was so special. Seeing old photos of yourself, where you've been, and just how much you've grown overall, is truly something. I'm trying to make it a point to purchase photo albums to fill pictures with, so that I'll have them forever, not just sitting on a phone or computer. 



This is a HUGE task, that I highly recommend taking a day for each room/space. Today I finally finished this task and it felt so therapeutic. Throwing out old jeans that truly don't fit anymore is liberating... but also reorganizing is what makes it feel "fresh" again. Purge your closet, car, skincare stash, even your cupboards. It's relaxing, especially with a glass of wine or two. 


Set new goals for 2018!

Last week I bought my new planer, and it was the strangest thing... I felt a little too excited for the new year. A new year brings new possibilities, new goals, with all of this newness floating around, who wouldn't be excited? It's a new year, but each and every day is an opportunity to live your life a little differently. The last week of December is the perfect time to dream up new long and short term goals for yourself...and there are so many possibilities. 


As we close on 2017, I'm still in shock this month is almost over... where did the time go? It's so easy to let the days slip away, to just go through the motions and not really think an ounce about it. This week challenge yourself to take time out for reflection and maybe even a few resolutions...happy reflecting, see you in the new year!