Small Changes I'm Making For My Health in 2018


Good Morning everyone! When January rolled around, it took me awhile to gather my thoughts and ideas on my "goals for 2018" This past year was the most jam packed year of them all and honestly, I'm not sure if this year could get any better for us. At the very beginning of the month I started reflecting on short term, and my long term goals, and then realized goals can be daunting, and sometimes very challenging to achieve. Ultimately, I found myself already beginning to make a few small changes in my daily routine that led to lasting changes. This year I decided to create a few small changes in my daily habits, and I can't wait to see where it will take me. To be very honest, the most challenging change of all has been adapting to drinking black coffee (only) with no added sweetener. Read below to find out more about the small, positive changes I'm making to my health this year. 


Small Changes I'm Making for My Health in 2018


Cutting Empty Calories From My Diet

This one sounds rather simple, but for's definitely not. Especially when it comes to my morning coffee, and afternoon Caramel Machiatto from Starbucks. Can we just talk about how many calories are in your favorite drinks? It's INSANE! Lately I've been monitoring my intake of "empty calories" which typically stems from my drinks. Whether it's a glass of Oj in the morning, or grape juice at night, those calories add up. My biggest issue so far, is definitely my morning coffee, or when my boss asks if I want anything from the Starbucks across the street. Hello sweet temptation... it's so terrible. In 2017 I finally became much more aware of what I was putting into my body, did very well with portion control, and upped my water intake so now, it's time to make more small changes. For the past year my coffee has consisted of a dark roast blend, and I would dump International Delights Almond Joy Creamer into it until the color was a light brown - and then I decided to look at the calories...and then I realized I was drinking 200 calories of just coffee creamer...Every. Single. Morning. So now, I'm slowly using less creamer, until I can "possibly" and hopefully get off of it. I hope to form a new habit of using way less creamer, or getting as close to black coffee as possible. 


Drinking 10 glasses of water daily

This may sound like a lot, but for me personally, it's exactly what I need to be drinking daily. Last year I decided to make this small change to my diet, and it's made all the difference in my energy levels, skin, and overall wellness. I am proud to say 5 days out of the week I am getting my 10+ glasses in, because I track it at work. I have been seriously committed to upping my water intake in, but then the weekend hits...and all of it changes. So, what am I hoping to achieve here? I'm hopping to make it a habit to get in just as much on my days off, no matter what, no excuses. I've made my health, and overall wellness a big part of my daily life, so this small habit should be easy to stick to each day. 

Hitting the gym consistently (and yoga once a week)

It's so easy to fall off the band wagon. One week I'm completely consistent, and then the other I exercise MAYBE 2x a week, which isn't the worst case scenario. When we first got to Texas, I slowly encouraged Dustin to get into the gym, and now he's obsessed. We've made it a goal to hit the gym together on Sundays and Tuesdays, which I'm hoping we can be consistent with this year, and then I'll workout 2x more throughout the week wherever I can squeeze it in. This year I'm going to get in the habit of packing my gym back each night, or laying out my gym clothes so there are NO EXCUSES. I'm definitely thrilled I have a super motivated husband to keep me going, and loves doing these things together, so I shouldn't allow myself to make excuses. This year, I'm striving to be more consistent in the gym, and getting my body into the best shape possible. 


Going to bed earlier every single night

Dustin and I's schedules are a little hectic at times, so at the start of January 1st I decided it wasn't worth it to feel tired, and exhausted all the time. This week I've been really good at going to bed at 8:30 each night, and's made all the difference in my overall energy. Sure, some people think it's kind of lame I go to bed super early, but I'm feeling so much better getting 7-9 hours of sleep each night. I hate feeling like I'm in a fog, or don't have enough energy to workout, or just live my life each day. Getting enough sleep has been high on my priority list lately, and I hope to make this small change each night that will hugely benefit me in the long run.

Letting Go of the need to have life figured out

Lately, I've been hit with a major wave of depression... because of one thing: Not knowing what I'm doing with my life. I am constantly bombarded on social media with everyone's latest accomplishments of XYZ, and it's definitely daunting. While I'm very much aware of everyone is on their own journey, and we all have different goals/aspirations it can definitely weigh you down, and make you feel like whatever you're doing just isn't enough. This year, I'm allowing myself to wander, to try new things, and to figure out where and what I'm doing in this life. 

What small changes are you making in your daily lives? I'd love to hear!