Switching To Black Coffee + Healthy Starbucks Alternatives


If you keep up with my Facebook posts/Twitter rants you're probably already in the know about my switch to black coffee. I've gotten a lot of questions lately as to why I would forgo my beloved Almond Joy Creamer, and those ever so tasty Starbucks lattes.... Truth be told? A trip to Starbucks each morning, or on the occasion of 2-3x per week gets to be quite expensive. Now that Dustin and I are saving for a house (more on that later!) I've decided to cut costs just about everywhere in my budget...including my expensive coffee habits. This year I'm making my overall health and wellbeing my main focus, starting with the foods/drinks I'm consuming daily. There have been a lot of changes around here lately, today I'm letting you in on one of them. 

Since January 1st, I've decided I didn't want to spend money on liquid calories, that meant juices, lemonades, yummy Margaritas (on the rare occasion I have a drink) and.... COFFEE. That decision in itself was a hard one.. One day it just clicked and I began studying and educating myself on nutrition labels, especially on the foods and beverages Dustin and I have been consuming for years. I've made it a huge focus to consume more whole foods, and eliminate processed junk from my diet. When I realized I was drinking around 300 calories each morning just in two cups of coffee alone. I then threw out my International Delight Almond Joy Coffee and made the switch to black coffee. Was it hard? You bet. Do I feel better? Absolutely. Overall I have a clearer state of mind, I feel focused, and ready to tackle my day. 

Although their is the weekly occasion that my boss, and coworkers ask "What do you want at Starbucks?" since it's literally across the street, and I can't help but say no. There is nothing wrong with indulging in sugary drinks every now and then, but for the sake of my dental + overall health, I'm trying to make it a priority to drink less of them. 

If I'm heading to Starbucks and want a healthy alternative these are my go-to choices:

Healthier Starbucks Alternatives

If you're craving a hot drink.....

Skinny Caramel Macchiato made with Soy (less sugar, less calories - still delicious)

This is my go-to drink pretty much anytime I hit up Starbucks, on summer days I take it iced. This is the first drink I ever tried and I'm pretty much obsessed. If you asked for any drink "skinny" it typically means their is less sweeteners added, which in turn = less calories. 

Soy Latte with Blonde Espresso (so good - the blonde espresso is very mellow and less bitter)

This is a new menu item and I'm kind of obsessed to be honest. The soy milk mixed with the blonde espresso makes a bold pair. It's just sweet enough where you don't need to add anything to it, and low in calories. 


If you're craving a cold drink....

Ask for a... Iced Coffee, one pump peppermint syrup, a splash of coconut milk and blend! 

This is my go-to if I'm craving something sweet, and refreshing. When you ask them to blend it, it looks similar to a Frappuccino, but it's still smooth and frothy. You can also take it home, add your favorite protein powder and mix in your own blender. Still low in calories, with plenty of flavor.

Peach Green Tea + Lemonade  

When I get a bad headache, but need caffeine I reach for all things green tea, it's hydrating, and refreshing. If you want to add a bit of sweetness to the tea, you can add lemonade, it's much more tasty that way.