What To Do In Austin, TX


Recently I've gotten a lot of questions about Texas travel, and where I've been in my year of living here in Dallas. I'm happy to say Dustin and I have done A LOT of travel in and around Texas, as well as various states nearby. I'm honestly surprised on how many road trips and weekend getaways we've done throughout our year here. Austin is one of my favorite places in Texas, hands down! It's filled with so many outdoor activities, cool spots to just hangout, and the people are super friendly and helpful as well. There is SO MUCH to do in this city, and so many amazing places to explore! Today I decided to round up a few of my favorite places to visit in Austin, as well as restaurants, sights, hikes ect.


Before You Go / Must Have Items...

Sneakers / hiking shoes - Austin has so many trails / places to explore you'll want to dress for comfort and wear shoes you don't mind getting dirty. 

Bathing suit + towel - There are many lakes/pools to go into all year round (when it's warm enough!) 

Sunscreen - Austin is an outdoor lovers paradise, you'll most likely be going outside so  pack accordingly. 

Comfy / lightweight clothes - It's hot in the Texas heat, you'll most likely want shorts and a cotton t-shirt. 

Cash - For everything & anything: food trucks, tipping, cash only restaurants ect. 


Hiking / Outdoor Activities...

Everyone who knows Dustin and I - we're ALWAYS active, whether it's hitting the gym or the trails, we're a couple that loves being active and outside together. I knew that leaving New England meant leaving behind my favorite mountains, and my go-to outdoor activities. Surprisingly, Austin has SO MANY outdoor options! 

Swim at Barton Springs Pool - It's a spring fed pool that's a dark shade of blue, so it's very eye catching. A few weekends ago Dustin actually got in the water on a 70 degree day. Barton Springs is super refreshing and family friendly as well. 

Hike at Barton Creek Greenbelt - The Greenbelt is an oasis of all things lush greenery. I love hiking here because there are so many options of trails, leading to the creek. It's quite, and away from the city so it's perfect if you want quiet time. 

Climb Mount Bonnell - It's a small point away from the city you can climb too, filled with gorgeous sights. Dustin and I realized very quickly the climb is steep, so it's important to go on a day where it's not too hot. 

Walk or kayak around Lady Bird Lake - We haven't gone kayaking yet, but it's a big, beautiful lake FULL of fun activities year round. 



Austin is FILLED with good eats, literally anything you could want they have! Dustin and I were shocked, Austin is home to many food trucks, so anywhere you go you can find food!

Tacodeli  - This is my favorite taco spot in Austin, I love this place because it's such a chill atmosphere. There is plenty of outdoor seating so people can even bring their dogs. If you want any type of tacos, even healthy vegan options, you must checkout this place. 

Biscuits and Groovy - This is the BEST food truck! We ate a brunch, as for a "M.C HAMMER" 

Houndstooth Coffee - Hands down the cutest coffee shop in Austin. 



Visit Zilker Park

Check out local murals / street art

Float on the river

Walk around on sixth street / go bar hopping

Take pictures at Graffiti Park

Wander through food truck yards and experience new cuisines

Watch the bats at night (there are HUNDREDS that fly out from the bridges!)

Go on a Segway tour through the city

There's just something about traveling to Austin, yes, it's a "city" but it feels much more homey than that. Maybe it's the gorgeous hiking trails, the more open-minded people, or even the charming coffee shops...whatever it is, Austin is definitely one of my favorite day trips I've taken so far. If you're visiting Austin I suggest you lightly plan your adventures, know where you're going/eating/seeing because it's so easy to get lost here, especially being in a new city. I highly advise going BEFORE the weekend, when traffic is horrible and it takes thirty minutes to get pretty much anywhere. If you're going to Austin, be prepared whatever month you're going for it to be warm! 

Have you been to Austin? What are your favorite sights/eats/things to do?