Magnolia Market + Things to Do in Waco, TX


When Dustin and I originally made the plan to move to Texas, I instantly started watching Fixer Upper on HGTV, and quickly fell in love with Waco, Texas. I was super hopeful we would move to a small town similar to Waco, to my surprise...well, we definitely didn't end up in a small town. We landed here in the middle of Dallas, one of the largest cities in the world. Luckily, we are very close to Austin, San Antonio and Waco, so we're able to go one numerous road trips, and explore a ton.. There's just something about a small, charming town that instantly draws me in.

This past December, on our anniversary we decided to take a day trip to Waco and visit Magnolia. It was the most gorgeous day, we walked around and explored Waco for hours. Magnolia is super cute, and full of fun things to do. After exploring Waco for a few hours, Dustin took me to a surprise dinner at 135 Prime, where I ate the best steak of my life, hands down! If you're ever in Waco, I highly suggest eating at 135 Prime for dinner, it's out of this world delicious.It was absolutely one of the most memorable anniversaries we've had to date.  Today I'll be sharing all the things you should do when you visit Magnolia, as well as the small town of Waco, Texas. 

Before You Go + Packing Essentials!

Before you go to Magnolia, or even Waco for that matter: decide on the time. Magnolia is a HUGE tourist attraction, so it's bound to be busy on the weekends. Dustin and I went on a Monday...and to our surprise, it was STILL busy! The women working there suggested the "downtime" is usually Tuesdays - Thursday. So there you go, that's prime time! 



Comfy shoes

Picnic supplies? You can camp out on the "lawn" and really bring whatever you'd like. Or you could shop around at the various food trucks, or experience the new Magnolia Table restaurant. 

Town map of Waco - you'll want to explore, it's a cute small town!




Things to do in Magnolia

Take pictures  - lots of them.

Eat any and every cupcake at the Silos Baking Co. (so delicious!)

Visit the Garden and smell the flowers & shop in the Garden Store

Hangout on the lawn and enjoy the sights

Go shopping in the marketplace (it's huge and FULL of all things home décor)

Try out one of the many food trucks that come to the Silos




Things to do in Waco, TX

Spend the day at Magnolia (duh!)

Swim/fish Lake Waco

Walk along the Waco Suspension Bridge

Visit the Waco Riverwalk

Tour the Dr.Pepper Muesuem

Visit the Texas Sports Hall of Fame

Eat everything at Waco Farmers Market


Have you seen Fixer Upper before?