Why I Became an ACE Certified Personal Trainer

On my birthday last year I decided it was time for a change, and gave myself the ultimate gift of education into a subject that I longed for, for quite some time. Last April I began my journey into studying to become an American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer, and it was definitely a challenging task. Not having a big background in all things health/wellness is what made studying for this all the more challenging. Luckily, haven taken a lot of anatomy classes previously had helped me tremendously. It took me a little over nine months to study and to feel confident in what I was doing, and to sign up for the exam.

On the morning of the exam I was in a total panic, I felt unsure in my ability to pass. I had dreaded this exam, because I knew just how hard it was going to be. This certification was waaay out of my comfort zone, and totally different than anything I had done before. This was a total switch in my career field, and I knew it was going to be challenging. On January 16th I sat in a cold testing center, wrapped up in my coziest sweater. A ton of different people were floating in and out of the room. It was definitely a big distraction, to have people banging around chairs, and typing on their keyboards. I tried my best to keep calm, and read each question carefully. At the very end of it, I debated even clicking the "results" button. I sat there for a good minute wondering if I was as prepared as I had thought. 

I then clicked the button and waited eagerly.... in bold letters it stated: I had PASSED my exam!

I squealed in excitement and let out a "NO WAY!" then quickly, gathered my purse and ran out of that room to the printer. I sat and waited for a printed out ticket that had my passing score, and took a few minutes to take it all in. From day 1 I could not stop doubting in my ability to achieve something that was definitely... very much out of my comfort zone. In that moment I felt more confident in myself than I ever had. I knew it was true, I could do anything I set my mind too, no matter how challenging, or out of the norm. 

Why I Became an ACE CPT...

Growing up with two disabled parents, naturally I wanted to help people on any, and every level possible. I had always loved writing (hence this blog!) and was passionate about helping people, but I never knew how to truly combine my passions (definitely still trying to piece it all together - I definitely don't have it all figured out - but who does?) So then, I went on to Cosmetology to showcase my creative side behind the chair, all the while helping others in ways I never thought imaginable. For years I had went to hair, to skincare, to makeup, to all of those things wrapped up into one. I bounced from salons, from Ulta/Sephora and climbed the ladder. Here in Texas, I got to my highest point with Sephora: assistant manager...and needless to say: I loved it, but I had longed for something more. I felt accomplished in my field overall, but I wanted to switch it up, and truly take care of those around me, on a much deeper level. 

And the rest has what has lead me to this exact point. 

Growing up I was always playing sports  - track & field, field hockey, volleyball, you name it. I had a love for exercise, and overall wellness from a young age. I grew up watching my father tackle Type 1 Diabetes, and struggle to understand the basics of his disease, and how to properly fuel his body, which in turn, has lead me to this very path. I also wanted to empower myself with the knowledge of nutrition, kinesiology, ect to better my own life, which has made all the difference in my overall health, and how I take care of my body. I chalk it up to my upbringing, and having a compassion for others that runs deep. I'm a nurturer by nature, and I want to help others live their best lives.  I truly believe overall health is the foundation for living your happiest, and healthiest life imaginable and it is in that, I want to encourage and help people from all walks of life, and all ages. 

ACE has given me more knowledge and a bigger insight into the world of overall health & well-being and for that I'm so grateful. I can not wait to empower people with the knowledge I have now, and to help in changing the lives of others.