November Recap



November came, and it was gone in an instant. I want this post to be an informative one about this past month with what went on and what I accomplished by quite frankly I'm just not feeling great about this month. To begin with, I didn't create a "Welcome November" type of post, that was my first fail. By creating those types of posts it helps me set goals for the month to get an idea for what I would like to accomplish. However, I will say this was definitely a learning experience in that I need to keep myself a little more organized. This month was a complete blur and I honestly can't even remember all that happened. I will say I'm proud of what I did do this month, because it was kind of a productive one. 


  • Found a new job!
  • Tried to eat healthy, keyword: tried....
  • Ditched the gym for the month to hike outdoors
  • Organized my planner
  • Cherishing everything I have, taking the time to truly count my blessings
  • Began a happiness quest in the form of my blurbs "The Little Things"
  • Purchased a Derma Roller to improve my skin texture (will post soon about this)
  • Researched and found new, more affordable health insurance for the upcoming year. 
  • Splurged on a new purse, wallet, killer pair or ankle booties and new clothes
  • Updated Pablo's new cat room
  • Reconnected with friends over coffee dates 
  • Booked a couples photo shoot for decent pictures
  • Traveled and explored Acadia National Park with Dustin
  • Had a couples photo shoot in Acadia (pictures to come)

Overall, November flew by and I'm regretting not setting goals for this month. This month has been extremely stressful, money-wise, dealing with a large amount of bills and finding new health insurance has thrown me for a loop. I must say I'm so extremely grateful to have a job as a makeup artist, where I can help people feel good about themselves and make money doing what I love. This has been one of the best decisions I've made, to take a break in a salon setting where there is a lot of pressure, to take the time to figure out where I'm going. This month has been a transitional period and I'm grateful for it. Throughout the month Dustin and I have gone hiking every weekend in a new location and it's made all the difference in my spirit. It may be a Mainer kind of thing but connecting with nature in turn has helped me create a deeper connection with my body and soul. As a whole, I have a new appreciation for my thighs, something I've never exactly loved; they have helped carry me up crazy elevation levels, climb mountains and trek across all types of rough terrain. I feel 10x more confident and all around beautiful in my own, bare, imperfect skin. I feel prettiest and most accomplished when I sweat and hiking in nature has given me a new insight on myself. I can't pinpoint exactly what has changed in me, but I'm feeling bliss-full. I feel as if this month has been a much needed learning curve and I'm glad it's happened. I'm also super psyched Dustin and I finally managed to book and get a couples photo shoot in a beautiful state park. Our amazing photographer managed to review and edit 200+ images and send them over within a weeks time. I'm so excited and ready to do a post with a few of our photos in them. There are just a few days left in November and I'm taking this Thanksgiving day to count my blessings and cherish all of the little things I've accomplished throughout this month. I hope your Thanksgiving and November was filled with joy and happiness.