December is a Delight

I'm so grateful for such a mild start to a predictably long, harsh New England Weather. Due to the temperatures being in the upper 40's mid 50's Dustin and I have done quite a bit of hiking - in t-shirts, how bizarre is that?  I'm feeling thankful to have such warm temperatures this month, it's made all the difference in my motivation to make this month a successful one. This mild December has made my "not so favorite" month out of the year feel more pleasant than ever. This type of weather here in Maine is highly unusual for this time of year but I'm not complaining one bit. 

I'm feeling especially dedicated and motivated  to make this December a productive month for Dustin and I. It's crazy to me that it's almost Christmas time and there isn't any snow on the ground! I've created a very big "December To-Do list" this month and so far I'm killing it. Here are just a few things I've crossed off my list this month:

We got approved - Sounds a little odd right? We decided to take out another small loan together to boost each of our credit scores high enough so we could get approved to do a few "adult" things. Luckily, we will have it all payed off by tax time (thank god for tax returns/big bonuses!) We're so excited to be moving forward with out plans for the future, and doing it all on our terms. We're fortunate to already have above average scores, but we want to have exceptional numbers so when we go to apply for a few lovely things, we'll be approved easily & quickly.

New Health/Dental Insurance - This is huge for us! This year we decided we needed better coverage on our health and dental policies and upgraded to more affordable plans. Looking and finding the best coverage for a diabetic is pretty challenging but I'm happy we managed to find a less expensive plan for him. My insurance on the other hand, I pretty much never go to the doctor and required less searching for a good policy. Being an adult can be stressful at times, but I'm glad it's all sorted out. 

More "me" time - December has always been my "not so favorite" month out of the year and this year I'm destined to change all that. With the cold winter months approaching my mental health slips right down the drain and I quickly fall into seasonal depression... who doesn't when it's freezing outside? If I had it my way I would be living in Arizona/Colorado/Texas...anywhere warm! but we're getting there. So many individuals struggle with anxiety/depression this time of year and I want to shed some light on this issue. We're all in it together, and we must advocate for each other. I think it's crucial to help lift each other up and focus on the positive things in life regardless of your situation. This month I'm trying to boost my overall happiness with more "me" time... whether that means breaking a sweat in the gym or indulging in a favorite face mask. Lately I've been killing it by keeping myself occupied, I've been focusing so much on my personal fitness and trying to get my "dream body" I've seen such an improvement in my abs, legs, and butt it makes me appreciate and love my body that much more.

Counting my blessings - I think it's so important to count your blessings, especially around the holidays. I believe the message "someone else is happy with less than what you have" is a very powerful one and you should truly appreciate all that you have. Transitioning out of the salon world and back into retail has been an interesting one, you see the worst in people, especially around the holidays. I'm constantly reminding my customers at the makeup counter to truly count your blessings and be happy with what you have, I feel like it's my duty this month. Each morning I wake up and write down five things I'm grateful for and when I'm feeling down, I glance at that list, it's a huge pick me up. 

Made prints/shopping - This weekend has been a very productive one, and I'm sad to say it flew by. Today I'm exhausted and ready to just sit around and truly veg out. I'm seriously proud of myself for everything I accomplished in the past two days, we made prints of our photos, and managed to get all of our Christmas shopping for each other done. Christmas shopping is always a challenge for Dustin but this year I already knew what I was getting him and got it all done in under an hour! I'm so happy to have all the stressful things done and out of the way, now all we have to do is wrap gifts, and enjoy the rest of the holiday. 

Exercise - I've been challenging myself to get to the gym each day before work and so far, I'm exceeding my expectations. I've been making it to the gym five days out of the week and I'm feeling better than ever. I'm finally starting to see more definition in my abs and butt and I'm loving the results! It truly becomes an addiction when you start to see the results your after. I'm grateful to have a healthy outlet for my stress, one that makes all the difference in my body/skin/mental health. 

Feeling festive - One night after work I came home to a tiny Charlie Brown Christmas tree in our living room, it was the most magical moment. The night after we decided to decorate our tree with golden garland and Christmas lights while sipping hot cocoa, it was definitely a memorable night. (picture below)

Making it count - Like I mentioned before, I'm destined to make this month a successful one! This weekend I got everything I needed to get done for Christmas out of the way and I couldn't be happier. Lately we've been trying to make December count, making notable memories for years to come. This month we started off being super stressed with money, unexpected bills, and just pure frustration... but lately it's all seem to have dissipated. We're making more time for us, spending each chilly night in, watching Christmas movies and baking, doing more "inexpensive" activities and it's made all the difference in our savings. This month our anniversary was on the 11th and I was super bummed we both had to work, so we didn't get to fully celebrate it and it definitely put a damper on my mood. That day Dustin snuck into my work, delivered me lunch and the cutest card where he wrote a meaningful poem inside, it definitely brightened up my day. I was still bummed about not getting to spend my night with him, but when I went out to my car I found a huge bouquet of roses and my favorite chocolates inside; in that instant it was a given I had a lot to be thankful for. This month has been chaotic for the both of us but we're trying our hardest to make it count. 

Relaxation - Like I mentioned in my "December Goals" post this was the #1 most important. Like I've said a thousand times in this post, December can be very stressful, but luckily, I'm not feeling the stress or pressure that the holidays can bring. At the start of the month I mapped out a plan to make this month a financially stable one and I'm sticking to my budget. I'm making a point to find down time in my hectic work week to relax and so far, it's working wonderfully. Lately Dustin and I have been ending each night with a warm cup of chai tea, it definitely helps us unwind after a crazy work day. The other night Dustin picked up a giant bag of Spearmint/Lavender Epsom salts, lit a few of my favorite candles, and ran me a bath it was the most relaxing night I've had in a long time. I'm grateful to be experiencing quite a few relaxing moments this month.