December Adventures

December has flow by so quickly...I thought it would drag on forever, but to my surprise, it's been quite lovely. I'm super happy how this month has gone, and all that we've accomplished in a short period of time. As said in my previous posts, December has been one of my "not so favorite" months out of the year, and yet... it was full of fun.  In this post I will be doing a "December Wrap Up" giving you an inside scoop on how this month went for us...Enjoy! Okay, so this month I set a list of goals for myself... and I accomplished every single one, minus 2! The only things I couldn't get to this month was: Make a gingerbread house and head over to LL Bean to see they're annual Christmas Tree lighting. Reason being... It's been a crazy busy month for the both of us between overtime at work and just trying to get everything in order for Christmas. In my Aries nature, goal setting, planning and organization is key to keeping myself on task-in any situation especially with my "monthly" goals.. I'm very pleased with how productive this month has been and all that I managed to sort out for the new year ahead. 


This month has been nothing but unusual, especially with the lack of snow. It's highly unusual in Maine for it to be in the upper 40's to mid 50's all month long, especially on Christmas. As much as I love the warmth, this month I just wasn't feeling "festive" or in the holiday spirit whatsoever. Transitioning from working in the salon to retail has been a rather harsh one, especially around Christmas, it can truly bring out the worst in people. I will say, it's been a fun ride this far, I love solely doing makeup and working with a diverse clientele, but I'm (almost) ready to jump back into salon life. This month I picked up a lot of extra shifts and by the time the weekend hit, I wanted to do nothing but sleep. A few weekends ago Dustin woke me up earlier, made us a big breakfast and told me to get in the car. I'm all for fun, spontaneous road trips, so I assumed that was exactly what we were doing. After an hour of driving, he finally caved and told me we were headed to Massachusetts. I had no idea what we had planned, though I assumed it had something to do with breaking into the holiday spirit (because neither of us were feeling festive) We arrived in Stoneham, Mass by 2:00pm and parked in a big, deserted parking lot surrounded by Christmas lights. We walked a little ways and then Dustin told me that he wanted to take me on a date to see  an abundance of beautiful lights and cute animals. He brought me to the most diverse zoo in New England, the Stone Zoo. It was so nice to be able to walk around, surrounded by so many Christmas lights in peace, just what we needed. Neither of us had been to many zoo's, so it was fun to see new animals. There was over 60 animals living in the zoo, most of them were rescued from the wild from being hurt or injured in someway. We encountered so many animals up close and person, here's what we were excited about seeing: Black Bears, Tarantulas, Black Handed Spider Monkeys, Canada Lynx, Colubus Monkeys, Cougars, Jaguars, Leopards, Sloths, Kangaroos, Meerkats, Wolves, Boa's, Flamingos, Yaks, Arctic Foxes etc. The zoo was very large, and full of so many different animals, it was so nice to be able to enjoy the Christmas lights and watch them eating, having fun, and look back at us in awe. That night we drive into Boston and explored the city just a bit before heading home, it was nice to be able to see so many beautiful Christmas lights. We stopped to eat at Sonic because Dustin had never done it, it was a day full of firsts. On our way home we stopped by York Beach to see the lighthouse all decked out in lights, it was breathtaking to see over the water. Overall, it was a much needed road trip all before Christmas. 

Christmas morning was absolutely a memorable one! I woke up a whole lot of noise downstairs, Pablo decided to climb up our Christmas  tree while Dustin was cooking us a big breakfast. I was greeted with a mimosa because we were sadly out of coffee & our favorite Almond Joy creamer. I wasn't too pleased to go without my morning coffee, but two mimosas in and I was feeling pretty content. We ended up eating breakfast, showering and getting ready for our long day ahead and then decided to open gifts together. We sat down around the tree opening gifts while Pablo had the time of his life attacking wrapping paper. It was the nicest Christmas morning and all of the gifts we received from each other were so thoughtful and lovely. My most favorite item I received from Dustin was a large collage of our pictures from our Acadia photo shoot. It was so cute and thoughtful, I burst into tears because it was so well thought out. Christmas isn't about how many presents are under the tree, it's about who you spend it with. After our little Christmas together, we headed over to his grandmothers house for lunch. We ended up having a spiral ham and plenty of heavenly hash for dessert. We all sat around her Christmas tree and exchanged gifts with his side of the family. When we gave his grandmother her gifts she asked "Is this what I've been wanting all these years from you two?" She had been asking a lot from us for the past few years, she wanted us to give her another grand baby, to get married, and to finally have a few pictures of us. She was overjoyed to finally have several new photo's of us from our couples shoot back in November. It was so nice to be able to share our love with his family and give them something to remember us by. After spending a few hours with his family, we headed over to my fathers house a few miles away from his grandmothers. My parents had cooked a very large turkey dinner but we were too stuffed to indulge. It was nice to be able to see all of our family in one day and to swap gifts, drink plenty of egg nog and have a few laughs. We headed home around five to finally unwind from the long chaotic day. We decided to start a new tradition and share a big Christmas dinner together. We managed to cook our very first Christmas dinner together: a spiral ham, red mashed potatoes and broccoli. It may have not been a "big meal" but it was the start of new tradition. Overall, Christmas was lovely. We were showered with way too many baked goods, plenty of leftovers, and the reminder that we are loved dearly. 

December has flown by so quickly, I'm a little sad that the holidays are officially over. In a few short days, it will be January 2016! A new year full of new beginnings, a year made up of anything you exciting is that? I love the uncertain, not knowing exactly what each day brings, it's a total thrill. I'm so ready to tackle 2016 head on and begin new projects, make bold changes, and take a big leap. Dustin and I sat down to talk about our future, and where we would like to be in a few short months... needless to say we made some major decisions regarding our future and we're so excited 2016! It will be the year of new beginnings and wild experiences. I can't wait to see what 2016 has in store for us. I have yet to create any "resolutions" but soon, I will be forming a list. I can't wait to share my year in review as well as a whole new list of goals for the upcoming year/January. I hope you have a wonderful New Year!