December & life lately

It's officially December... well, about a week into it and so far, it's weird. In New England we expect about a foot of snow before December hits and we haven't had a single "snow storm" just yet, talk about unusual...but I'm not complaining one bit! Every day this week the weather has been in the upper 40's to mid 50's and it's definitely a bit odd for this time of year. I hate to say it but without snow it just doesn't feel like December or Christmas time for that matter. To be completely honest, December is my least favorite month out of the year and I'm nowhere near ready for it. I feel like Christmas time brings a ton of unnecessary stress and pressure between the added financial strain and obligations - while worrying you aren't doing or giving enough can become pretty overwhelming. I'm determined to make our Christmas a good one, regardless of what we can afford give to each other and our loved ones because Christmas is not about gifts and luxury it's about love and family. As I said before I'm nowhere near ready for the holiday or for all that is to come this month, but I'm ready to share a few goals with you all that will help guide me through, what are your goals?


December Goals:

  • Save money! Priorities, lets keep them straight this month. 
  • Post more often! I'm slacking hardcore.
  • Hit the gym often, 3-4 times a week is key. 
  • Help Dustin order & stack all the firewood for the upcoming months ahead
  • Make a Gingerbread house with Dustin (I never have!)
  • Chop down our own Christmas tree in the backyard.
  • Go see the house in Maine that has a Christmas light show.
  • Head over to LL Bean to see the Christmas lights & drink hot cocoa.
  • Find Pablo an ugly Christmas sweater.
  • Go on a nighttime cruise to see Christmas lights.
  • Drink more Eggnog, priorities
  • Bake a ton of goodies for family for Christmas.
  • Make prints of our couples photo shoot for gifts.
  • Create a meaningful card/letter for Dustin.
  • Celebrate our anniversary on the 11th!
  • Pick up a few Lush Bath Bombs and unwind with a bubble bath & wine, duh
  • Give back! bring unwanted items (clothes, shoes, ect) to a secondhand store.
  • Give time to wake up early, reflect, doodle and unwind before chaos ensues. 
  • Get new health & dental insurance 
  • Stop worrying so much and live more.
  • Begin to set goals for 2016 and let the past stay where it is.


So here we have it, quite a few goals for this coming month... I must say I'm a bit worried about December and all there is to come. This past month has been pretty rocky for my family & I and I'm hoping life will start to mellow out sometime soon here. I'm so ready for this new year and all it has to offer us. There are so many plans in the works for 2016 and I'm getting antsy and can't wait to begin to spill the beans on our plans for the next year ahead! I hope you all have a wonderful December and I'll make sure to try and post more frequently this month!