Acadia National Park is for Lovers

As I mentioned in my previous "PREVIEW: Our Adventure through Acadia National Park" post, a beautiful soul by the name of Erin Wheat was kind enough to photograph us. She is the sweetest girl I had ever met, truly, and with a god given talent to capture raw, beautiful emotion. Erin is the most down to earth, creative, kindest person, and to be given the chance to work with her I truly feel blessed. That day we spent trekking up cliffs and chit chatting about life I felt like I made a life long friend, someone so real and genuine (that can be a very hard thing to find sometimes) Erin also did a few self portraits of me, which you can see on my "about me" page. I can't wait to one day work with her again, whether it be an engagement shoot, or even for a wedding, birth, or just because. I would highly recommend Erin Wheat's services, the girl is truly phenomenal at what she does. Erin took all of the photos you see below! For more information about Erin, her list of services, prices, or just to see this blonde beauty click here!