This May Be Cliche, 10 Things You Should Know About Me

(photo cred: Erin Wheat)

(photo cred: Erin Wheat)

Oh hello there, before we begin.. this is my first blog post on squarespace! so very exciting. It's a glorious thing to pour words onto a paper, typewriter, starbucks receipt, the bathroom at the office -you get the gist! to have someone read them and  even relate. It's no surprise to anyone that I love writing, it's always been my biggest passion, and a therapeutic outlet of mine. I'm so thankful to have a place to share my stories, ramble on, teach and inform readers. Here are a few key things you should know about me, enjoy!

1. I grew up in a small town: Naples, Maine aka Lake Region. As some would automatically assume I hate the town I grew up in, well that's just not the case. Living in Maine I've come to appreciate it's natural beauty and peaceful vibe. Naples or Lake Region is full of beauty, from all the lakes, ponds and rivers, to the crazy amount of Evergreen, it's easy in my case, to admire it's simplicity.

2. I commute to the city, 45 minutes away... Growing up I knew as long as I remained in my small town, I would break the barrier and dive face first into the buzzing city. I already know you're thinking, "Dude there are salons everywhere, heck even three minutes away from you!" Well, When I commited to this career, I didn't want to be a small town, mediocre hairdresser. I branched out into the city, where I could get intensive training, to learn from master educators, American Board certified colorists, flat out the best in the biz. Hell, I wanted to network, make lasting connections, and open doors for myself (which is exactly what I did) I committed to letting phenomenal stylists mold me to be the best possible stylist I can be- and I'm still learning, everyday! Education is everything, and because of my kickass Subaru and willingness to learn, I make the long trek to the city, everyday.

3. I work at a high end salon/dayspa in Portland, Maine. Being a Cosmetologist/hairdresser is extremely rewarding to me. I get to have people from all over the world, or right down the street come sit in my chair and trust me to enhance their beauty. It's a powerful thing what Shears can do, one accident and you can shatter someone self esteem (but that is the last thing I strive to do) It's so rewarding to chat with my clients, hear their stories, and make them feel their best. I love being a makeup artist, hairdresser, amateur therapist let alone a salon professional.

4. I'm a sucker for adventure...anywhere, anytime (but haven't left the country yet) I am lucky to have built a schedule that also matches Dustins (my lovely ginger-bearded best friend & other half) On our shared days off, we are fueled by hungry stomachs and wanderlust. We seek out new places all over New England for great food and scenic vistas. We've been all over New England together, laughing, crying, shocked in awe of beauty, all the while super bloated and feeling good from a beer or two. We're both convinced the Travel channel should give us a show, so we can be food bloggers and share our finds with the rest of the world. Don't worry, this will be a whole other post, describing and telling all the beautiful places we've been together. 

5. I'm super analytical and live up to my Aries tendencies. Ever heard the phrase "sometimes I wonder so much" Yeah, that pretty much outlines the way my brain works. My mind always races, and sometimes I feel I should be ten pounds lighter. I've always been super analytical over every aspect of my life, if someone flashes me a smile I wonder "Is she smiling at me because I actually brushed my hair today. or is does she like my shoes?" or vice versa. Sometimes I hate that I can't flip a switch in my brain and turn off the constant thoughts, but I've learned to love the way I am. Being over analytical has made me more aware of my appearance, how I present myself, even how I'm chewing if a person is sitting next to me. It's astounding how much time we spend in our heads. Sure being over analytical has it's downsides, but it truly has its perks.

6. I'm a total gym rat, but I'm no Dana Linn Bailey. I come from a family full of health problems, you name it someone in my family has it. Seeing so much illness so young has done me a world of good, I'm super health conscious-in a good way. I love starting my day with a cold glass of ice water with lots of lemon. Typically (if I stick to my schedule) you can find me busting ass at 5am at the gym, dripping in sweat. I learned very quickly that antidepressants "ain't got shit" on exercise. I feel prettiest when I sweat, and most accomplished after a grueling workout.

7. I come from a family of five, and grew up dirt poor. I used to be ashamed growing up that I didn't live in a house with a garage, TV's in every room and plenty of food to feed a small town. I grew up in a trailer, which was very small, but were fortunate to have a roof over our heads. My parents are disabled, with various health problems which meant they couldn't work or had a very hard time working for that matter. I remember learning from a young age what food stamps were and thought everyone had them. In all honesty, I wouldn't change my childhood for a damn thing. It made me the money savvy, health conscious woman I am today and I'm proud of where I came from. My parents did the best they could, and I owe it to them that I know how to save money, do chores, work hard and always stay humble.

8. I'm a die hard classic rock kind of girl. Thanks to my dad, I was always surrounded by musical geniuses. I remember cruising down back roads with my dad listening to Tom Petty and the Grateful Dead, two bands I worship today. I remember the stories my dad would tell me about all of the concerts he went to back in the day. I remember how sad he got when he told me about when he saw the Grateful Dead and all of his friends who attended had passed away from heroin addiction. His stories and musical taste has left an everlasting touch on my soul. I'm utterly obsessed with Eric Clapton, Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac-I could go on, and on. Classic rock is truly classic, incomparable to what we hear today in the "new age"

9. I'm an old soul, and it's hard to connect with my peers. I've always connected to those who are older than me, on so many levels. I feel as though I can have such meaningful conversations with people who are a couple, or several years older than me. I detest when people say "you can't possibly understand you're too young." My response is always a little harsh, and I tend to throw it in peoples faces that age is just a number, and maturity comes from life experience. In all honesty, you're as young or as old as you feel, and as my age reads twenty two, I truly feel much older. I don't find fun in going out to clubs, getting totally shit faced, and having random hook ups every night. I want a deeper connection, fun that is not in harm of myself, or anyone else. My idea of a "Crazy Night Out" would be meeting some friends at a nice restaurant downtown, followed by a few margaritas and catching up on life and gossip. My nights are usually spent with a big mug of peppermint tea, watching Netflix with Dustin, or reading a book I scooped up at the library. I'm very content with this "kind of grandma" life I lead.

10. I believe that kindness is everything, even if someone's a total bitch. I learned in kindergarten the golden rule "Treat others the way you want to be treated." and took it very seriously.  I always keep this rule in mind, even if the lady at China Taste overcharges you, or if your best friend betrays you. I don't feel the need to express who crucial it is to be kind, because we all should be aware and follow this unspoken rule.


There, now you know a little more about who I am, where I come from, what I'm truly passionate about, and why I need a blog-there is so much to write about! I'm so happy to have jumped back into the big world wide web, create a domain, and share stories with you all. I hope you'll stick around, grab a mug of tea, beer, whatever you fancy and let me entertain you for as long as I hold your interest! Cheers.

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