"Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall." -F. Scott Fitzgerald

I couldn't agree more with that statement, everything feels different. The air gets crisp, the leaves begin to change, and so do we, without warning. When I was younger, fall was so dreadful, it meant school was just around the corner. Now I long for it the day summer arrives. Fall in Maine is completely breathtaking and full of simplistic beauty. Every year I go on a scenic trip across the state just to view foliage, and it is truly worth every penny. Lately I've been lusting for fall, almost once every hour. The summer is coming to a close and I couldn't be more excited. I can't wait for the day I get to roam through an apple orchard, or walk on leaves just to hear the crunch. Most of all I can't wait for the fall aromas: baked apple crisp, the smell of the Fryeburg fair, pumpkin seeds roasting, and all the smells the holidays bring. I'm ready for fall and whatever changes it may bring, the good and the bad, all the milkways or paydays.