Life Begins After Coffee

Lets be real here, coffee is always a good idea. Feeling tired? Pump that coffee like an IV. Feeling lonely? Go out with a friend for a cup of coffee. Feeling sad? Wallow in a mug of dark roast coffee. Give me two things: a good book and a classic cup of coffee and I'll be happy. Face it, we all drink coffee because crack is a bad idea. I believe caffeine addiction is much better than having a very serious addiction. I'm the type of woman that can't have a serious conversation until after her first cup of coffee. Life just makes sense after that first cup of joe. I'm fortunate enough to work across the street from a Starbucks, and guess what I'm doing? indulging in a tall Dirty Chai latte as I type this post. I worked in and around coffee for a little over two years and loved every minute of it, well... maybe not every minute. I've always had a coffee addiction, but lately, I've been doing very well, I'm down to two cups a day. I used to take my coffee black, with two sugars but everything has changed. At home I drink any type of dark roast (preferably Starbucks or Carabasset blend) with two sugars and International Delight Almond Joy creamer. Dustin picked up pumpkin spice coffee for me this weekend, and for only $3! I screeched in delight and did a little dance in the middle of the store... yes, it truly is that exciting. As all of you know, I can't get enough of fall, and all the aromas it brings. I'm so happy to have my pumpkin spice coffee back, now it's waiting for the creamer to arrive in stores. When I'm at work or out in Portland I typically drink either a latte or a Chai tea. My typical Starbucks order is a tall upside down Caramel Machiatto with extra caramel. On days where I'm sick of my usual order I'll get a tall White Mocha with light syrup, it reminds me of a peppermint candy. Please don't get me wrong, I'm not a Starbucks snob, I'm more of a local coffee house kind of girl. In Portland, there are numerous coffee houses, and I haven't been to every single one yet. Some of my favorites are here in the old port where I work they include: Bard coffee, Coffee by Design, The Crooked Mile, Speckled Ax, and Arabica coffee house. I'm all about supporting local businesses, and trying new blends. At my former job at an authentic Italian restaurant they had a very expensive Nespresso machine with the strongest coffee I've ever had (because they're Italian of course) I'm a little obsessed with dirty Chai lattes which is just your regular chai with espresso - so spicy and energizing. I'm a firm believer in the words of "Behind every successful person is a substantial amount of coffee." It really makes all the difference. I'm also a big believer in green tea - it's just as wonderful for you. I've never been able to stomach green tea straight, so I mix it with peppermint for a more pleasing flavor.  All in all, I'm a big advocate for coffee lovers everywhere. I feel most peaceful in a coffee shop at 5am, where I can slowly sip, let my thoughts wander, and prepare myself mentally for the day ahead. The ambiance of coffee shops everywhere is always so mentally recharging. I dream of waking up somewhere beautiful, on vacation and trying a new blend of coffee simply adoring life. Overall, I want to travel, experience new places, all the while stopping at cute coffee shops, sipping unfamiliar brews... There you have it, my one and only addiction, am I crazy? Nope, just a big advocate of caffeine. What are your favorite local coffee shops? What blends do you like most? Is there a coffee creamer your absolutely obsessed with? Please, share all of your thoughts and your coffee obsession with me!