Goodbye August, Farewell Summer


August has officially come to a close and surprisingly, it felt like it lasted forever. This month was filled with so many wonderful successes and mini accomplishments. I couldn't be happier with how this month turned out Dustin and I. In this post I will be revisiting my set goals and discussing what happened in our lives this month. 

August Goals / Accomplishments

Make use of my new planner, especially for bills

Begin work on my half sleeve

Work one on one with the trainer more

Eat more salads and begin drinking protien shakes

Zen out more unplug from all forms of technology and just be

Spend the last of the summer outdoors: hiking, swimming, enjoying the heat.

Get new car insurance & register the Legacy all before August 14th

I'm a pretty serious goal setter I strive to kick some ass, and that's just what I did. Luckily, I manage to get a lot done this month and accomplish a bit... Here are a few more things I've done this month.

  • Started the month eating super clean, being mindful of what I ate.
  • Cooked new recipes with Dustin: Parmesan yellow encrusted squash chips, caprese sandwiches, and fried green tomatoes. 
  • Went on a wild adventure across the state to Moxie Falls  and saw Bengal Tigers.
  • Avidly went to the gym this month (and killed it, I'm feeling so much stronger.)
  • Took the parentals out to a concert on the waterfront to see Gregg Allman (this is huge! and monumental in my book)
  • Actively grew my following on the blog, and managed to pump out some great posts.
  • Fell in love with Quinoa bowls (so healthy and yummy)
  • Got Dustin on a discount plan to make his insulin more affordable (Yay!!!!!!)
  • Had my first of 3 interviews at a place I'm absolutely obsessed with (I wont speak too soon...)
  • Began the search for a fur baby, to grow our family.
  • Picked up a beautiful Pitbull for a foster to adopt - trial adoption for two weeks.

I'm very pleased with how much I've accomplished in the month of August. I'm hoping whatever September throws at us we can handle, and everything will go smoothly. It's crazy how time flies, it's crazy how it's August 30, and that we'll soon be breaking out long sleeved shirts... I feel like this summer has gone by so quickly, and I barely went swimming, and did "summer" activities. I guess that's what slips through the cracks when you work for a living and work hard for everything you have. Soon you'll be seeing a whole new list of goals for the month of September from yours truly. What are your goals for September? How was your last month of summer spent? I'd love to hear from you!