Welcome back, September

September: Summer isn't exactly over, but fall hasn't made it's arrival either. It's such a weird transitional month...kids go back to school, everyone craves routine, it's the start of something new.  I feel grateful to live in New England where September means either 85 and humid or 65 and cloudy, you never know here... and I like that. September means fall is right around the corner, and I couldn't be more excited. I'm like a little puppy shaking with anticipation of being fed.... yeah that excited. August was a month packed full of small and big accomplishments, I hope September will be the same. Coming into this month, I can only think of a few small goals nothing to ambitious.


September Goals

  • Cook Dustin Sunday breakfasts -I'm not a morning person by any means, I need to sit down and have my coffee before I do anything. My plan here is to get up semi-early, sneak away, drink some coffee while he sleeps and cook him something tasty (pumpkin pancakes is at the top of my list for this weekend!) He always gets up and cooks us something incredible.... I have no idea how to compete with his level of expertise, so I'm assuming even if I burn everything, he'd smile regardless. This is something I absolutely need to begin doing because he's always the one making miracles at 8am while I sit on the couch and stare blankly into my coffee. 


  • Eat more leafy greens  - I've been doing well with eating healthy and watching what I'm consuming on a day to day basis which is good... but not the best it could be. Dustin was craving salad the other day (who does that?!) and it reminded me that we really need to up our vegetable intake. I want to get back into making smoothies each morning, starting my day off with a boost. Eating nutritious food and getting plenty of exercise has always been hugely important to me. 


  • Prepare for Fall - This is huge. I've been so ready to start cleaning out my closet and pick up a few new fall sweaters, pants, scarves, ect. I'm the weirdest girl you'll ever meet when it comes to clothes, I hate spending money on clothes, it makes me feel guilty. Growing up I was one of five, we either had hand me downs or we went to Goodwill. Now that I can afford to go shopping... I just don't. I'm more of a saver, but I have no problem spending money on high end makeup & skincare, because that's the industry I love and am so passionate about. Today it hit me, I own probably four bras and ten pairs of underwear, it's probably time to upgrade and spend money on myself. I'm feeling ready to try and kick my guilt to the curb and buy some new fall clothes. It's time to feel and look good. 


I'm not super into goal setting this month as I was in August. This month is about focusing on healthy eating, showing love for the boy who takes care of me, and finally being okay with taking care of myself and my needs. Who knows what September will bring, I'm praying it's not a world wind of shit, but... positive mind, positive life