September Check In

September has been such a drag, and I'm 100% okay with that because October is just a day away! I'm beyond excited and ready for fall, I already have so many things planned for this upcoming month! For this month I set a few key goals, and I barely touched on them. Here's how my month went:


  • I've been munching on salads, and slamming down smoothies like it's nobody's business. I'm lucky to work in the heart of the Old Port, close to all kinds of wonderful foods. Recently I've been getting lunches at B. Good (their Kale & Quinoa bowls are to die for) and hitting up Maine Squeeze for my post workout meals. I've been snacking on tomatoes from the garden, and getting plenty of Omega 3's in my diet. 
  • Upgraded my monthly membership to the "Black Card" I can now take guests with me, use any gym in the state, and have unlimited use to tanning and their massage chairs. I tend to hit up the gym in Portland but I'm missing my home gym in Windham. So now on my days off I don't have to drive 45 minutes away just to workout. 
  • Purchased new workout clothes for some fitness motivation - This is a big one, I never go clothes shopping. Lately I've been great about going to the gym four days out of the week and I'm feeling wonderful because of it. I'm feeling so much stronger, and more energized from hitting the gym so often. I'm proud I climbed back on the bandwagon and made my health a top priority. 
  • Began updating my wardrobe for fall! - Last week I went to Goodwill and purchased two cozy sweaters for only $12 it was such a steal and I'm excited for the cooler months to bundle up in warm sweaters, and fuzzy hats. 
  • Locked down a date for fall photos - I've been dying to get a "couples shoot" done for quite some time. Dustin and I oddly enough don't have many pictures together, and we're excited to have an amazing photographer to shoot us in the Maine woods, with the beautiful fall foliage. I'm so pumped to finally have some nice photos of the two of us together to share for years to come. 
  • Won all day adventure passes to Loon Mountain - I've never been to Loon Mountain, but Dustin and I are venturing out to New Hampshire this weekend to get our Adrenalin fix. We're excited to go zip-lining, bungee jumping, gondola sky-riding, and hiking up beautiful mountains. 
  • We grew our family - We adopted a 9 week old kitten and named him Pablo. He is the cutest kitten I've ever seen and truly loves having plenty of room to race around.
  • I went, blonde? Yep. I haven't done my color in a YEAR! Why? I've been letting my hair grow out, due to having blonde balayage I can get away  with a lot! When I first did my hair a year ago, I took the base color a shade darker than my natural, and went in with lightener and balyaged the ends, and the grow out process has been perfect. I decided it was time to go a little lighter and bolder for the new fall season (plus I'm a hairdresser, I get bored easily)