Coffee Talk - Life Lately

The mild winter Maine has been experiencing - with the exception of last nights snow storm! The fact that I've been eating much more healthy this month, and sticking to my goals. Receiving belated Christmas gifts from Dustin's aunt - Hello Sephora gift card and new kitchen knife wear set! I'm loving the fact that I've been managing my money better, and saving more. I'm loving the fact that I rediscovered a Marshalls/Tj Maxx gift card I had received for Christmas from Dustin's family and put it to good use... I bought all new workout clothes, cute ones too! I purchased two new stylish (and colorful) sports bras, two workout tops, and managed to snag a big fluffy burgundy scarf (my absolute favorite color of all time) Also I've been more avid about hitting the gym 4-5 days out of the week, and it's made all the difference in my attitude and spirit. I'm also loving the fact that my new Subaru Legacy kicks ass in snow, and that I have more confidence behind the wheel. The last thing I'm loving is my Banish Acne Scars roller, and the results I've been seeing. My face has done a complete 360, I rarely breakout now and  my complexion is so much more even and radiant. 

The snow, period. I'm a lover, not a hater so this list is quite short. As much as I love that Maine experienced all seasons, winter is my least favorite. I'm not a big fan of the cold, or snow. The only good side to snow is that I own one of the safest vehicles on the market and I can drive with ease through it. 

I'm proud to say I've been sticking to my new year goals... I've been chowing down on leafy greens, salads, spinach, cucumbers, and tuna fish. I've been snacking on clementines, light baby bell cheese wheels, almonds, walnuts, and crackers with hummus. Prepping my lunches and snacks in turn has helped me save more money, and eat healthier as a whole. I've been so proud of myself for eating more salads and taking the time out to cook healthy breakfasts. I'm constantly on Pinterest finding new recipes and side dishes for healthy dinners for Dustin and I. This week we made garlic and rosemary chicken with sweet potato, and honey glazed carrots (it was to die for) I would say that watching more cooking shows has helped broaden our knowledge and inspired us to cook healthier meals. 

I've been trying to switch it up with new coffee roasts and different flavors. My new favorite is Gevalia Kaffee in Chocolate Mocha, it's a medium roast, which I wasn't to keen on, but there's a certain nuttiness to it that's  smooth and so very satisfying. Other than coffee, I've been pushing myself to constantly chug more water. Dustin and I are big on drinking a ton of juice, which in our case, can get expensive very quickly... so we found a great alternative: pomegranate green tea. I'm obsessed with making iced pomegranate green tea, it's super refreshing and reminds me of summertime. Other than that, you can find me sipping iced water from my water bottle at any given time. 

It's winter here in Maine so I'm either rocking one of two outfits: an over sized cardigan with a tank top, paired with skinny jeans or leggings or some type of jeans paired with a cute chunky knit sweater. I've been obsessed with ankle boots since fall, so I'm either wearing those, tall riding boots or my uber cozy North Face winter boots. If I'm at work, then it's all black everything, still usually a big cozy cardigan with leggings and my favorite pair of tall riding boots. It's winter, so I'm all about over sized chunky knits, slouchy sweaters, and keeping warm. 

Obviously I'm all about Netflix, seeing it's winter and there's not too many outdoor activities I'm partaking in. As of late Dustin and I have been watching the following shows: Cut Throat Kitchen, Ramsays Kitchen Nightmares, Chopped, Legends, The Blacklist, The Following, House of Cards, Bloodline, anything involving National Geographic, ect. On tv you can find my watching any shows on the following networks: Nat Geo, TLC, E!. 

Lately I find myself only listening to music in the car on my commute to work, or whenever Dustin and I are on various adventures. I'm a big Stevie Nicks girls, so I'm always listening to her wherever I go. My music taste is slowly but surely branching out, as I'm now starting to listen to a little bit of country music....only a little. Whenever I'm in the car my preset stations are all of the following: Wcyy, Frank FM, WBLM, WPOR, Q97.9 and Hot 104.7. I'm a huge fan of classic rock: Tom Petty, The Eagles, Eric Clapton, John Mellencamp ect. but my music taste is vast. I'm a little obsessed with Drakes new album that dropped several months ago, and I can't seem to shake my love for him. Other than that, that's pretty much what I've been listening to lately.

This month I haven't been going to many "new" places. You can find me at home - cleaning, blogging, spending time with Dustin, cooking, relaxing, browsing Pinterest, binge watching Netflix, playing with Pablo, or enjoying a glass of wine. You can find me at work - doing work related things, enhancing natural beauties, playing with makeup, testing new products, ect. Or you can find me at the gym - breaking a sweat, working on my abs, arms, butt, and legs or chatting up the woman beside me. This month hasn't been too adventurous, it's all about saving money and setting clear goals for the upcoming months ahead. 

Lately I've discovered that the reps that come to my work are absolutely incredible and filled with knowledge. I was so happy to meet and chat the Benefit Cosmetics rep and let her educate me on the entire cosmetics/skincare line. I was thrilled when she offered a full sized free, up and coming item from Benefit: Benefit They're Real Tinted Lash Primer - I was so excited to get my lands on makeup that hadn't even hit stores yet. I'm obsessed with this tinted lash primer! What I love about it is it slowly tints your lashes darker over time, while pumping it full of vitamins and moisturizing properties. I love that this primer only comes in brown because you can either: 1. wear it alone and rock a natural look. 2. Pair it with your favorite mascara to ensure your lashes will not clump together. Overall I love Benefits Tinted Lash Primer because of it's brush, it's tiny and has a spiky head to go in and really separate your lashes, and because of the serum/moisturizing properties. 

As of right now, I'm hoping for financial stability in 2016. I would love to save enough money to get to where we would like to be (I'm being very vague because I'm not ready to spill our plans for 2016) That's honestly all that I'm hoping for at this exact moment. 

As of right now, I'm considering making a few huge changes in my life. I'm not ready to truly share our plans, or my own personal plans for that matter... because we're still working out the kinks. I will say they are all very good & exciting changes. 

I've come to realize that spending money going to Dunkin & Starbucks is a huge waste of precious dollars earned. Over the past year I tracked my spending on coffee (aside from  buying a pound to drink throughout the week) and was shocked at just how much money I was throwing away. Also, I've come to realize my favorite drinks: a caramel machiatto & peppermint mocha have a lot of added sugar. I've realized I've been foolish to drink my calories. I've saved so much more money by stocking up on cute coffee mugs & brewing from home.