January|New Year|New Point of View

Happy new year lovelies! This is my very first post of 2016 and I couldn't be more pleased with the timing. I took a few days to truly think about goal setting for the month of January as well as "resolutions" for 2016; I came to a grand conclusion: Resolutions are for chumps... yes, I did just say that. I personally have never been able to find a single person who could ever truly follow through with their new years resolutions....not a single one. In my Aries nature, I'm big on goal setting and prioritizing, and that works for me. So I made a big decision this year to not follow the pack and forge my own path....no resolutions for me. 2016 to me is about moving forward, leaving the past behind, and working towards a beautiful future alongside my best friend/handsome bearded companion. We have so many big, glorious plan in store for 2016, January means beginning to work towards a better future.

  • Begin to put away $50 out of each paycheck in a separate savings account for a bigger, more bold goal. (I'm not ready to share, just yet!)
  • Drink more water! January is all about getting back on track and chugging more h20.
  • Continue to workout 4-5 times out of the week - I've seen amazing progress in my legs, butt and abs as a whole, and I'm ready to take it to the next level. 
  • Hit the library - I've been desperate for a new novel, I'm a big reader so I need to get my fix.
  • Relax, and take a bubble bath - Dustin picked me up a ton of Lush bath bombs for Christmas, it's time to put them to good use! I get the feeling this may be a stressful month so finding downtime to unwind is crucial. 
  • Continue to eat clean - 2015 I made it a point to really clean up my diet and eat more fresh vegetables, and I'm looking & feeling better than ever. It's crucial to keep on the same path I forged in 2015 and load the fridge up with salads, veggies, and plenty of fresh fruit. 
  • Deep clean my Subaru - I'm kind of a neat freak so my car always needs to be spotless, because of December I practically have everything under the sun stockpiled in my car so a deep clean is much needed. 
  • Take a trip to Sephora - Due to having multiple gift cards, I'd say this month is the perfect time to do a little shopping for myself!
  • Book my last tattoo session - My tattoo artist is always traveling all over the country and it's hard to get in touch with him, but this month I'm making it a point to book my last session and complete my arm piece. 
  • Squat & stretch often - Squats are my favorite, they not only tone and firm up your legs, but they help to build a stronger backside. Each morning I'm making it a priority to stretch and do several sets of squats. 
  • Embrace my natural, wavy texture - I have naturally curly/wavy hair and I used to be all for straightening it up until last year. I've come to terms with my natural texture and embracing it has helped me love it even more. I've been doing many deep conditioning treatments since lightening my hair and finally, my hair is healthier, stronger, and less frizzy. I love my natural, beach waves, January is about a new point of view and truly accepting all that I have.